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This beautiful blanket lives in the home of one of the pets that I watch. It’s gorgeous crochet work and I just had to get some detailed shots of it. It comes from Garnet Hill. Garnet Hill Crochet Blanket


I’ve got some other examples from you, mostly of crochet items spotted in the background of various scenes, often in reality TV shows and documentary-style shows.


KCBW: Crochet Photography Day (Knit and Crochet Blog Week)

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I normally just do my own crochet work, I felt inspired to buy these pieces and do something creative with them. But I haven’t actually done anything with them, yet, so I thought I’d get some thoughts from you about what to make with them.


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You’ve seen me put puppies in crochet but they aren’t the only pets that people make crochet cozy cuteness for. In fact, animals don’t even need to be pets to get decked out in crochet.


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Lion Brand has just published my blog article on making your craft space sacred.


Crochet Snail Cover

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I was catching up on Facebook and email and whatnot and saw this cute crochet snail photo, which Rachel shared on my timeline from the @jamiegardenshop timeline.