19 Projects Showcasing Plarn, Tarn and Other Alternative Material Crochet

plarn gift bag flower pattern

There are so many different items that you can use to crochet other than the traditional yarn and thread. Alternative material crochet includes crocheting with plastic bag yarn, t-shirt yarn, jute twine and more. Here are 19 terrific crochet projects that showcase the beauty and versatility of alternative material crochet.

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15+ Stunning Crochet Lamps to Brighten Your Home

crochet lampshade tutorial

Yesterday I shared my YoolaDesign crochet wire lampshade. It reminded me that back in 2012 I did a roundup of crochet lamps and I’ve been meaning to do a fresh roundup all year long. Well, that roundup is here. You’ll find crochet lamp patterns, tutorials and inspirational photos here to inspire your own crafting!

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Candy Corn Crochet! 20 Examples of Candy Corn Bunting, Costumes, Creatures and More!

Candy corn pillow by Oliviartcreations

Candy corn. It’s that too-sweet treat that’s hard to stop eating even when it stings your teeth a little bit. Even if you don’t eat it, you see it everywhere during the Halloween season, and you can’t help but notice its sticky, yummy goodness because of the bright pops of color it exudes. That’s why candy corn is great inspiration for crochet. In this post you’ll find photos of candy corn crochet to inspire your autumn crafting.

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