Meet Crochet Lover Aki of KnitPurlHook

knitpurlhook crochet motifs

Aki of KnitPurlHook is knitter and crocheter who loves to share what she makes with others. She taught herself both crafts using a combination of blogs, online tutorials and YouTube craft videos. You can find her under KnitPurlHook on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Ravelry. She also has a craft blog, where she shares that she loves “trying different patterns and imagining how to can be turned into wall art or home decor”. Her house is a bit like a gallery or museum of crochet – such a pleasure to look at all she’s making!

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Meet Crocheter Rachel of GooseberryFool

gooseberryfool crochet amigurumi toys

Rachel, known as @gooseberryfool on Rachel, is a mom of four who loves staying at home with her children and takes every opportunity that she can to crochet, make and craft. She says that she has a wonderful husband. And she also says (over on Facebook) that she “was inspired to sew and create by my amazing Mum, who is sadly no longer here. I love creating homemade items for those I love, and now wish to share some of my makes with you”.

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