Crochet Health Survey Update

Thank you so much to everyone who has taken, Tweeted, linked to or otherwise participated in my crochet health survey. There have been more than 46oo responses so far and I’m thrilled! I wanted to give you a little update today about the survey, why I’m doing it, where it’s been blogged about it and how you can continue helping. Crochet Health Survey FAQ: How long will it be up? This crochet health survey will be live until at least the end of July and possibly longer. I want to get as much press coverage for it as possible so that I can reach the widest range of respondents available. What’s the point? I am collecting information from this survey to learn about how crochet is helping people with illness as well as with improving quality of life. I will publish information from the results of the survey in order to help all people better understand how to use crochet to help themselves and others. It is my hope that this broad study will be a credible reference that interested parties can use to gain support to get crochet programs set up in various institutions including nursing homes, schools, prisons, hospitals and therapy centers. What should I do if I have trouble with the survey tool on questions 11 and 12? I hae been made aware that there are two questions on the survey that aren’t working properly for some people. The questions are #11 and #12, which ask you to rank some things in order. There appears to be a quirk that makes it work improperly on some browsers. If you find that it doesn’t work for you, please just skip those two questions and move forward with the survey. I’ve added a note to the survey letting everyone know I’m aware of the problem. I’ll be taking that into consideration when I review the results. My apologies for the tech issue! Where can I learn more? From this press release and from the links below. Listen to the Podcast: Back in 2012 I had the honor of doing a podcast interview with Diane of Craftypod all about my book Crochet Saved My Life. Naturally, it gives a lot of information about crochet health and so is relevant to the topic of this survey. To help me promote the survey, Diane has made this podcast available for free for one month so you can listen to it! Crochet Survey Guest Posts: I’ve shared the following guest posts providing more information about the survey: Can Crochet Save Your Life? Your Health? @CraftGossip Exploring How Crochet Heals @Elk Studio How Crochet Heals @My Hobby is Crochet Studying How Crochet Heals and Helps People @FeltedButton Additionally, I was interviewed for a post by Poetry in Yarn who asked me about my crochet history, why I crochet to heal and what the survey is all about. Also Blogged At: These wonderful people have also blogged about the survey: Nero’s Post and Patch who …

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