More Crochet Inspiration from 2015

crochet skirt vercillo black

It’s that time of year, the time for looking back and checking out all of the amazing things that we’ve seen in crochet all throughout the year. We’ve looked at crochet art, crochet books, crochet fashion, crochet patterns and tips and tutorials. Today we’ll round up all of the other posts that didn’t fit into those categories and wrap up our look back at the past year!

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Katara Meets The Mandalas … Update on Both Pup and Project! Plus Thoughts on Mindfulness for Depression.

katara dog with crochet mandalas

Hi all! I intended to start posting the Mandalas for Marinke every day again by now but things have just been so busy with the new pup that I told you about earlier this week! So I wanted to give you an update on her, on the project, and some thoughts on how this actually all does relate to depression awareness, which is a large part of what the Mandalas for Marinke project is all about.

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