Best Crochet Tutorials 2014: Look at What I Made

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This specific award is for the best crochet tutorials. Many people learn how to crochet through basic tutorials and many more people expand their existing crochet skills with advanced tutorials. Crocheters who offers strong tutorials that are easy to follow and rich in variety are providing a huge resource to the online crochet community.

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Best Crochet for Charity 2014: Crochet Cabana

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This specific award is for the best crochet for charity. There are so many different charities that we can donate handmade crochet items to and these charities help so many different people. Crocheters who devote their time, money, energy and creativity to this are giving to the world in so many ways.

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Best Crochet Photos 2014: Hi, Jenny Brown


his specific award is for the best photos on a crochet blog. This is one of my favorite awards every year and also one of the toughest ones to give out because there are so many great blogs out there sharing great photos of various work. The photos are clear, vibrant, detailed, colorful and unique in some ways.

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Best Personal Life Posts from a Crochet Blog 2014: Jessie At Home

jessie at home

This specific award is for the best personal life posts on a crochet blog. In other words, it’s for those people who don’t just share their own crochet patterns or links to craft inspiration but also let us know what is happening in their own lives. This is great because each person has a unique life, a unique voice, and in sharing that they encourage us to find and celebrate our own uniqueness. Plus it’s just fun to get to know them!

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Best Crochet Pattern Series: Repeat Crafter Me for Alphabet Appliqué Series

crochet animal applique patterns

The winner of this award is Sarah of Repeat Crafter Me for her alphabet appliqué crochet pattern series. It’s called 26 Days of Crochet Animal Alphabet Appliques. Each crochet pattern in the series is a cute little animal that represents the letter of the alphabet for that day. Sarah released these one after another throughout October.

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