Matty Bovan’s Eclectic Sculptural Layered Crochet as Wearable Art

matty bovan fall 2017 crochet

Matty Bovan is a graduate of the prestigious Central Saint Martins fashion design school with an MA in fashion knitwear. He has worked with Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu. Matty works crochet into his designs in unique ways, sometimes as a sculptural statement piece and other times as a layered accessory.

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Artist’s Plarn Crochet Sea Turtle Raise Ecological Awareness

Artist Annie Hsiao Weng was impacted by her own travel experience and decided to do something about it. “The plastic sea turtle was made in the hope that it will bring attention to the issues sea turtles and other sea life endure every day as we continue to pollute our oceans with plastics and much much more.”

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Fabulous Crochet Playground Swings by Cathy Bertel

When I think of crochet playgrounds, I immediately think of Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam who began creating them in the 1970s and gained widespread attention for her work a few years ago. I then think of Ernesto Neto and the projects by collectives Numen and Suspension of Disbelief. It would be remiss not to also include the work by artist Cathy Bertel who creates suspended crochet nets wrapped around exercise balls to create interactive swings.

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