Super Scarves Crochet Book by Bonnie Barker

Super Scarves

Super scarves have become super popular this year and they’re a great choice for crafters all year round. Even when it isn’t the season to wear a warm and cozy scarf, you’ll find yourself wrapping up in one like it’s a blanket. And when the weather is cold, this is the perfect way to look stylish while staying warm.

Bonnie Barker has teamed up with Leisure Arts to publish a collection of super scarf crochet patterns. There are five super scarf patterns in this affordable book, and they all have a few things in common. First of all, they all measure approximately 14″ wide and a whopping ten feet long. They are all made with a big crochet hook, sized L or larger. They are all rated Easy + for advanced beginner crocheters. And they all have cables as their main feature detail.

Super Scarves

That said, each of the five crochet super scarf patterns is different from the others. Three are made in Bulky Weight Yarn but one is made in Worsted Weight and another in Super Bulky. And what really stands out is how post stitches and cabling are used very differently in each scarf. This gives you a great opportunity to practice the different things that you can do with crochet cables.

For example, the Alternative Cables crochet pattern has very dense, detailed crochet cables throughout the entire design. In contrast, you almost have to look twice to find the cable detail on the Striped Cable scarf pattern where the cable is a single stripe down the side of the design. Notably, the Striped Cable is the only one that requires two different colors of yarn; the rest are worked with the same color (or variegated color) throughout.

The large hooks and heavier yarn used throughout all of these crochet scarf patterns allows for exaggerated detail. You really get a sense of what each stitch looks like because of the bigger-than-usual stitch size. This is great for cables, showcasing the intricacy of these stitches even on such bulky items as super scarves. The designs are all thick, cozy, highly textured crochet scarves that could be worn by men or women.


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  2. The scarves above look very nice . Crochet has helped me so much since my health has been going downhill, relieves stress.

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