Mirror Image Scarves by Ruthie Marks

Mirror Image Scarves Crochet Book

We just looked at a book of Super Scarves Crochet Patterns, which offered us five great designs for large scarves. But of course that is just one type of crochet scarf to work. Scarves are always a great project – perfect for gifts and charity donations along with making them for yourself and your family. Mirror Image Scarves is another really smart crochet scarf pattern book to consider for your personal craft library.

borders scarf crochet pattern from mirror image scarves

What is a Mirror Image Scarf?

All of the crochet scarf patterns in this book are mirror image scarves. They are worked by crocheting the first half of the pattern then starting over again on the other side of the starting chain and repeating what you already did to create the second half. This results, obviously, in a mirror image when you look at the crochet scarf. It’s a unique way of working and one that is really fun to try. Plus the designs in this crochet book perfectly compliment the symmetry of this approach to crocheting scarves.

Inspired by Nature and Art

From the beginning of the book:

Reflecting the finest architecture of nature and man, these eight scarves by Ruthie Marks borrow their shapes from beautiful rolling hills, babbling brooks, intricate bridgework, and ornate arches.”

Medium Weight Crochet Mirror Scarves

Five of the crochet scarf patterns in this collection use medium weight yarn and size H or I crochet hooks. This is great for people who like to work in the mid-range of crochet, making the designs easy for beginners; all of the crochet patterns in this book are rated as “easy”.

bulky crochet scarf from mirror image scarves

Bulky Weight Crochet Mirror Scarves

Three of the crochet scarf patterns in this book use bulkier yarns and larger crochet hooks. These patterns are really great for people who want to complete a scarf quickly, either because they need a last minute accessory (or gift) or because they love the instant gratification of getting a technique down quickly.

Limited Color Changes

Three of the crochet patterns in this book have color changes, although they are not complicated because only two different colors of yarn are used in each of them. The rest of the crochet patterns in this book use the same color throughout the pattern so that you aren’t constantly changing in colors of weaving in ends. A couple of these are one skein crochet patterns and the rest are just two skeins. These are fast affordable scarves to crochet.

borders scarf crochet pattern from mirror image scarves

Practice Your Picots

These crochet scarf patterns primarily use very basic crochet stitches. However, they incorporate more interesting stitches now and then. Most notable is the picot which is used as a detail on the edging of several of the scarves. It is always a nice finishing touch to make a scarf look fancy even when it’s simple to execute. Treble crochet and crochet clusters are the only other stitches in the book that require any explanation beyond the basics in the technique section available at the end of the book.

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  1. Jane Feagans King

    Nice review. This looks like a good book🙂

  2. I like my scarf ends to be the same so I tend to do the ‘mirror-image’ thing. I had never heard that term applied to scarves before. My recent broomstick lace scarves were all worked from both sides of the foundation chain: http://lupeyloops.blogspot.com.au/2016/10/get-on-your-broomsticks

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