Crocheter Profile: Jem’s Crochet Creation

Jeminah Johnson makes crochet items including African hijab dolls that are in line with Muslim teachings. Her store is called Jem’s Crochet Creation. She is based in Trinidad and Tobago.

Jem’s dolls are crocheted without any facial features. The reason for this is to comply with Muslim beliefs that ask us not to represent humans in other forms, including dolls. Certainly not all Muslims follow this tradition but these handmade dolls are great for children from families who do honor these beliefs. A comment on one of her creations shares,

“I love that she keeps things according to the qur’an and the sunnah and doesn’t make faces. I just heard a quote (from a book about delcuttering) that when you have a toy with a movie characters face on it, whose imagination are you celebrating? Hollywood’s, or your child’s?”

Jem sells full-sized crochet dolls ( ~ 20″ tall) as well as keychains and other small doll items. Her crochet dolls are varied including some that are designed wearing a traditional hijab, others wearing African clothing and additional styles of dress. Some offer accessories such as removable clothing and optional head dress.

Jem also offers dolls that show and celebrate natural African hair and darker skin tones. She shares on one Instagram post:

“DO YOU SEE HER MELANIN??? 💞💞💞 from what I have learn the darker skin tone dolls are ALWAYS the last to get to love or be chosen 😔 this even happens in real life for some girls! My aim is to give little muslimahs the confidence and to love the skin they are in 💞💞💞 in sha allaah”

Through her Instagram, she encourages understanding that the choice to dress modestly is that – a choice – and is not a form of oppression. She wants to encourage young girls to be proud of who they are and confident from a young age. A beautiful message.


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  1. I love seeing these posts! Wonderful way to celebrate different cultures through crochet. Thanks for sharing ❤❤❤

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