Crochet Designer Profile: Haajarah The Hijabi

I hope that this goes without saying but no negativity or hate will be tolerated on this blog. That’s not what we’re about here. I’ve turned off comments on this particular post and will moderate in the future to prevent this. Please be kind to one another.

Crochet Concupiscence is not a political blog nor a religious blog. I tend to stay away from controversial topics on this blog for a variety of reasons but most importantly because what this blog is really about is crochet and how the craft can help to heal individuals and communities. I believe in staying focused on how craft improves our lives because this is the way that I can best contribute to an all-inclusive, completely supportive, interconnected community. In other areas of my life, it may matter to me what you believe in ethically, morally, socially, politically … in crochet, I can let go of all of those things in order to create the best possible, most diverse community of people who are able to support one another in at least this one area of our lives.

So, with everything that has been going on in American politics, I’ve been mulling over the best way to continue to create a safe space here for sharing the beauty of all aspects of crochet while not ignoring the news. One way that I can do that is by shining a spotlight on crochet designers, artists and makers who come from different parts of the world, hold a variety of beliefs and share themselves in myriad ways that are relevant to today’s issues. My goal here is to specifically highlight their work in crochet, what we have in common in craft, and the beauty of what they are adding to the world. So I’ll begin today with the first designer profile, and I hope that you’ll enjoy meeting all of these new people, seeing their creations and patterns and looking for ways that we can support in each other in our similarities.

Crochet Designer Haajarah the Hijabi

I’m beginning with today’s profile of Haajarah the Hijabi (Heather) of Muslim Stitchcraft. She describes herself as “an ordinary American Muslim; artist, wife, and mother”. She learned to crochet a basic chain as a child (taught by her mom) but then taught herself the rest of the craft a few years ago. She has designed a few crochet hat patterns and hopes “to fill a void in the Muslim crochet market” with additional patterns.

Muslim StitchCraft Crochet Patterns

This designer offers her crochet patterns on her own website as well as through Etsy and Ravelry. She has designed a triangle kufi hat pattern in filet crochet and is working on another style of the same type of hat. She also has a free crochet hat pattern for a rainbow square hat.

Artist Drawings

In addition to her primary craft of crochet, she also enjoys sewing and drawing. She started drawing as a child. She incorporates her own drawings onto her blog and social media. I love the ones that include crochet.

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