Learn How to Crochet: 12 Crochet Tutorials

Crochet tutorials allow you to learn crochet step-by-step. You can learn how to crochet the basic stitches and then move on to more advanced techniques. These crochet tutorials provide you with tips and instructions for improving your crochet.

yarn over and under

The difference between yarn over and yarn under in crochet from Planet June. Even after many years of crocheting, I didn’t really realize that there was a “yarn under” option or that different crocheters might be working this way. This was an enlightening read from Planet June that expanded my own understanding of our craft.

how to crochet slip stitch

How to crochet slip stitch. This is a foundational stitch in crochet but it can also be used to work entire patterns. You can work in different loops to create different effects. Tutorial from Jessie At Home.

crochet in top of chain 3

ElkStudio shares how to crochet in the top of chain 3, an instruction that you will find in many, many crochet patterns, including the simple crochet granny square, so it’s one that you should make sure to perfect.

crochet graph

How to read a crochet graph from CrochetKitten. There are many different reasons that you might want to read this type of graph when you are working with crochet. You can get the basics from Crochet Kitten.

even stitch

How to get an even stitch and gauge in crochet from FreshStitches. Want to make sure that your stitches always look even? Want to make sure that you get the right gauge each time? These are the details that you learn in the beginning of the craft and then might let slide a little bit as you keep learning new things. FreshStitches reminds us how to do it.

crochet mattress stitch

How to join your crochet work with mattress stitch from Aesthetic Nest. This is an invisible join for your work and one that is popular for seaming together all different types of motifs and panels. It’s a good go-to joining stitch.

foundation double crochet

How to crochet foundation double crochet. This is a method of starting your double crochet project without a foundation chain.

how to do standing crochet join

How to do a standing double crochet join with new yarn color via GoCrochet. There are different ways to join a new yarn and start a new round but this one is a great option for people who want a seamless look.

how to linked double crochet

How to make linked double crochet from Crochet Spot. Once you know the basic crochet stitches, like double crochet, you can go further with them by applying different techniques such as this one.

crochet ribbing tutorial

How to crochet ribbing. Working in different parts of the stitch can also create different effects, as we see in this tutorial for crochet ribbing from Hopeful Honey.

lemon peel stitch crochet tutorial

How to crochet lemon peel stitch, a freestitch pattern from Persia Lou who says, ” I love this stitch because it is really simple do and super easy to keep track of … It also creates a nice sturdy fabric with beautiful texture.”

how to crochet twisted fringe

How to crochet twisted fringe from StitchStory. Fringe is a great addition to so many different crochet projects. There are many different ways to make them but here’s a unique one that you don’t see that much. It’s really fun and beautiful.


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