My Favorite Crochet Hook

by Kathryn on July 23, 2014 · 5 comments

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I tend to use the same few crochet hooks over and over but my favorite crochet hook has shifted over time. Some things have stayed the same, though.

Always a Boye Girl

The first type of crochet hooks I ever tried were the Boye aluminum hooks and they’ve remained my favorite ever since. I’ve tried the Susan Bates hooks and they’re fine but the shape of the hook part doesn’t work as well for me. And I’ve tried wooden, bamboo, steel and plastic hooks and they’re all fine but I don’t like them as much as the aluminum hooks.

From G to J

For the longest time the G hook was my favorite crochet hook. That’s because it’s so versatile. It works with almost any weight of yarn. It can be used for almost any type of project. If I could only have one hook size on hand forever, that’s probably what I would choose. But recently I’ve just had a thing for larger hooks, mostly the J size. I like using it to create really openwork lacy designs with lightweight yarn and also to quickly work up bulky yarn projects. So right now I’m a J girl.

What’s your favorite crochet hook?

crochet blog challenge 400x316 My Favorite Crochet Hook This post is part of the 52 Week Crochet Blogging Challenge hosted by Julie of Red Berry Crochet.

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Well, I just had to go check all my hooks after your post! I have a majority of Susan Bates hooks and one

Boye. Any particular reason the Boye hooks work better for you? I tend to use the H and I sizes the most.

Maybe it's just the patterns that I pick happen to call for that hook.



I love the Clover Amour crochet hooks! And I don't really have one favorite hooksize, I like all sizes from 3.5 mm up to 7.0 mm. Smaller is too much fiddling for me, bigger hurts my arms and shoulders.


I'm a Boye hook lover, too. I tried the Susan Bates, but like the way the yarn moves off the Boye hooks so smoothly.

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