It Girl Crochet Book Review

it girl crochet book It Girl Crochet Book Review

Continuing on with Crochet Book Celebration month today I’ve got a review of It Girl Crochet: 23 Must-Have Accessories It Girl Crochet Book Review by Sharon Zientara.

3 Crochet Themes

The crochet accessories patterns in this book are separated into three cute crochet themes:

  • Crochet Nouveau. Flirty, feminine, vintage-informed crochet designs inspired by art noveau.
  • It’s a Mod, Mod World. Retro 1960s inspired crochet designs.
  • A Brave New Boho. Hippie chic for contemporary free spirits.

Terrific Crochet Designers

Sharon Zientara edited/ curated this great collection of patterns but they come from a range of amazing designers including:

  • Kathy Merrick
  • Aoibhe Ni
  • Annette Petavy
  • Robyn Chachula
  • Shelby Allaho
  • Linda Skuja
  • Brenda K.B. Anderson
  • Yumiko Alexander

And that’s just a handful of the designers. A great representation of today’s crochet designers fill this book.

Range of Crochet Patterns

This book features a range of different crochet patterns including three crochet hats, four cowls/ scarves, three crochet purses and four crochet mittens. Here are my five favorite crochet patterns from this book:

crochet capelet pattern It Girl Crochet Book Review

Chrysanthemum Capelet Crochet Pattern (a nouveau design)

crochet scarf pattern2 It Girl Crochet Book Review

Roundel Scarf by Shelby Allaho (a mod design)

crochet hat pattern It Girl Crochet Book Review

Gypsy Slouch Hat Crochet Pattern by Beth Nielsen (a boho design)

crochet purse pattern It Girl Crochet Book Review

Petula Purse by Robyn Chachula (a mod design)

crochet stockings pattern It Girl Crochet Book Review

Bon Vivant Crochet Stockings by Brenda K.B. Anderson (a boho design)

pinit fg en rect gray 28 It Girl Crochet Book Review

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