My New Chunky Crochet Cowl

crochet cowl

This is one of the most recent instant gratification crochet projects that I’ve made – a chunky crochet cowl.

vercillo crochet cowl

I made it using two skeins of Boutique Magical Yarn by Red Heart, one in the Crystal Ball colorway and one in Hocus Pocus.

chunky crochet cowl

It’s a simple half double ribbed crochet stitch done with a large hook (K, I think it was).

chunky crochet cowl

I basically just crocheted a large rectangle, double the width I wanted the cowl to be across.

chunky yarn crochet cowl

I did one entire colorway skein first then the other.

chunky crochet cowl

Then I folded it over and used a single crochet stitch to seam it up.

chunky crochet cowl

This created a long, tight crochet cowl.

chunky crochet cowl

I can wear it folded over for a cozy chunky crochet look.

crochet chunky cowl

This allows me to expose either one colorway or the other so it’s sort of a two-in-one look.

chunky crochet cowl

Or I can wear it long and tall, even slightly hooded.

vercillo crochet cowl

I’m loving it.


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  1. Cute, cute, cute !~! I love that like me, you do your own patterns and designs. I find that if I try to follow a pattern I get off into my own anyway so better just to know from the get-go that it’s my own project start to finish. Hardest part-when someone asks me for the pattern: happens a lot on my forum when others like what they see and want to re-create it for themselves or a family member.

    • Yes, I also get asked for patterns a lot. For awhile I thought I’d try to keep notes and share the patterns I make but then I realized that for me personally that takes away the fun.

  2. Very nice indeedy :)

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