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I wanted to share a friend of a friend’s Indigogo fundraiser today because it’s related to several things I’ve written about before including the slow yarn movement, yarn spinners and American manufacturing.

About Fed by Threads

“Alok & Jade, the co-founders of Fed By Threads, are going completely against the norms in fashion and taking their supply chain to new territory by teaming up with American organic cotton farmers, American yarn spinners, American fabric knitters, American fabric dyers, American fabric cutters, and American tailors to make a limited edition organic seed-to-garment USA-made t-shirt for you and fabrics that we can wholesale to others. Fed By Threads is part of The Slow Fashion Movement and is in position to make a limited-edition organic T for you and our other Indiegogo supporters that is made entirely seed-to-garment within America!”

Fed by Threads History

american organic yarn t shirt 600x400 Support American Yarn Spinners (and Fed by Thread)

“You see, we started Fed By Threads as a tiny idea to help feed some of the 50 million food-insecure Americans through: wed decided that every time we sell a T-shirt in our dance & yoga studio, we’d feed 12 emergency meals via foodbanks across America. And to date, we’ve fed over 125,000 meals, which we think is pretty rad. And as of November 2012, we have been using only USA-based tailors and sustainable fabrics, but we learned that much of the organic cotton in America was still being send overseas to be spun into yarn and knit into fabric. But this campaign will let us go to the next level.”

Why They’re Raising Money

  1. “We will buy at least 1,000 pounds of organic cotton that was grown in America, which we will have spun into yarn, knit into fabric, and dyed without heavy metals here in America.
  2. We will then cut and sew the limited edition T’s for Indiegogo supporters as well as begin to transition our upcoming clothing lines to this fabric.
  3. Finally, we will begin to sell this fabric wholesale to other clothing manufacturers, designers, and craftspeople because we know how hard it is to find.”

Why To Help

“The impact of your support is profound.

  1. You will help increase demand for farmers who grow cotton without pesticides.
  2. You will vote with your dollars for American jobs at every stage of production.
  3. You will help ensure there are quality jobs for future generations of Americans.
  4. You will help us feed 12 meals for each of these limited editions, which is the core of what Fed By Threads stands for.
  5. You matter. Your choices matter.”

So far they’ve raised about one third of their $12000 goal. There is a little less than three weeks left to contribute. Check it out if it sounds like something good to you!

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Support American Yarn Spinners (and Fed by Thread)

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