Nathan Vincent’s 7 Below Residency Art Work

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Last summer I invited you to de-stash your yarn with a donation to crochet artist Nathan Vincent. He didn’t know at the time exactly what his work would emerge into, which is exactly the place an artist should start – in the void, with an inspiration but no clear rules or expectations. Vincent sat in the void, worked through the process and is now ready to share the fruits of his creative labor.

nathan vincent crochet art Nathan Vincents 7 Below Residency Art Work

Original Crochet Art Conception

nathan vincent green yarn art Nathan Vincents 7 Below Residency Art Work

Nathan Vincent said at the start of this project:

“I haven’t fully conceptualized the project yet, but for now it is dealing with weaknesses and embracing our humanity, instead of always trying to control everything/others. It is more “drawing based” but still uses yarn and crochet.”

The Crochet Art Process

vincent yarn art Nathan Vincents 7 Below Residency Art Work

In a recent email, the artist explained his creative art process:

“Working for 6 weeks straight- no days off, no weekends, 8 hour artwork days- without a clear end goal is a simultaneously liberating and daunting venture. I wanted to have time to explore my medium in new and interesting ways. I wanted to push myself to think beyond the work I have been making for some time and stretch my creative muscles again while I engaged with different concepts and ideas. This all sounds a lot like “art talk” but what I’m really trying to say is that I wanted to explore.”

I totally understand this, as I’m in the midst of my own creative process.

The Crochet Art

crochet artist Nathan Vincents 7 Below Residency Art Work

In the same email, Vincent shared:

“This exploration was made possible through the incredible generosity of the Residency program, but especially through the donation of your yarn. While I worked I didn’t have to worry if I was “wasting” yarn. It was all put to good use, and if something didn’t look right, there was more yarn to replace it! I didn’t have to wonder if I was going to have enough to finish a certain project or if I would have the right color. It was all there. The entire rainbow.

nathan vincent fiber art Nathan Vincents 7 Below Residency Art Work

Because of your gifts I was able to make incredibly large balls of yarn that felt heavy and dense but also energetic and growth like. I started exploring the play of the aggressive scissors against the tense yarn webbing. I got interested in the way that the scissors made the objects come alive.

vincent scissors art 600x450 Nathan Vincents 7 Below Residency Art Work

As I was making the work I was thinking about relationships and the strains that we place on one another- the tensions that pull us apart and the others that bind us together. Everything seems so tenuously connected. Again, I know this seems like art speak, but the ideas that developed through this work are informing my artwork to come and the techniques I discovered are exciting as they offer a new way of working with crochet that I am sure will continue to evolve. “

I think that this new direction in Vincent’s fiber art is fascinating and look forward to seeing his next projects to come.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Nathan Vincents 7 Below Residency Art Work

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Truly exciting to watch a project come alive under the hands of a talented artist. Thanks for sharing where that yarn donation effort went; I had wondered how he was doing. I love what he's got going on, don't you ?~!

CrochetBlogger moderator

@lyndamotvos I love watching artists grow in new directions! I think that Nathan Vincent does some really cool things and I've been happy not only to see him grow but also to see that a lot of mainstream media has picked up on his work in the past couple of years. It's great!

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