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by Kathryn on March 28, 2014 · 3 comments

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The Crochet Lounge honored me recently with one of their Top 20 Heart-Centered Influencer awards, for my work in crochet curation and storytelling.

In that post, it was said:

“There isn’t a popular social platform that I have not found Kathryn’s great contributions, and she does it with grace and a unique voice. I love her posts covering the vast category of the fiber arts.

With roughly 100k followers across major platforms, you’d be missing out if you don’t give these links a look.”

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So I thought I’d share all of my social links for you in case there’s anywhere that you’re not following me yet and would like to!


pinterest home crochet I Share Crochet Around the Web

I have one Pinterest account under kathrynvercillo where I have 70+ boards, almost all of which are crochet-focused, and 72,000+ followers. If you want to reach these followers yourself, check out my sponsorship options.


Screen shot 2014 03 24 at 4.28.39 PM 600x288 I Share Crochet Around the Web

I have three different Facebook Pages:

The main Crochet Concupiscence Page where I share all things crochet.

The page for Crochet Saved My Life where I share news about the book as well as about all relevant crochet health issues.

My author page where I share all things related to writing and creativity.


17 icontexto twitter buttons I Share Crochet Around the Web

I have two Twitter accounts:

CrochetBlogger for all things crochet

KathrynVercillo for everything else!


instagram crochet1 I Share Crochet Around the Web

I’m new to Instagram but trying to be really active there, sharing crochet images and other things from my life.


I share at least twenty links per week in the knitting and crochet channel on Sulia so if you like staying on top of all of the things happening in the crochet blog world then this is a good place to follow me.

G+, StumbleUpon, Ravelry and More

I’m less active on these sites but you can find me on G+, StumbleUpon, Ravelry and HubPages.

Read My Other Blogs

You can follow my life and interests on Diary of a Smart Chick and catch up on my writing/ academic career at KathrynVercillo.com (blog links in the bottom left corner there). If you don’t already follow Crochet Concupiscence, you can do so in a feed reader or via email.

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I'm studying how crochet helps people. Please help by taking this survey. Learn more from the press release.


You rock, girlfriend, and I enjoy you on a few of these platforms. Thanks for all you contribute to the fiber arts. I crochet, weave, sew, quilt, and play with yarn as often as I can making little goofy things. You inspire my creativity.


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