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by Kathryn on March 12, 2014 · 3 comments

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Thanks to Instagram I realized that @yarnbomber is accepting crochet and knit items as donations for a yarnbombing installations. I went to the Yarnbomber website to learn more and decided that I could kill two birds with one stone by donation.

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Bird #1: Stashbusting

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Donating to this cause is super easy. As the website says, “becoming a collaborator is as simple as knitting or crocheting a piece using any stitch, in any color, of any shape and size.” I had a whole stack of WIPs and crocheted granny squares and crochet swatches that had been sitting here for months (okay, maybe years) and hadn’t found a home, yet. The loose rules for donating to to this yarnbombing art gave me an immediate place to send those on to be used in a new way instead of sitting here collecting dust bunnies and guilt-for-unuse.

Bird #2: Contributing to Collaborative Art

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More importantly, the pieces are going to a collaborative art project. In another lifetime I’d love to be a full-time working visual/ conceptual artist. I just don’t see that happening in this lifetime so I create visual art in various forms as a personal creative outlet aside the career I make in writing. But every once in awhile I get a toe into the art world by contributing to the cool projects that other people are doing. I’ve donated crochet to Something in the Water and Granny Squared and I’m happy to now be donating to Yarnbomber.

More About Yarnbomber

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An excerpt from the site:

“My goal is to draw more people into nature and I do so by detonating massive, colorful yarnbombs in the mountains, once a year. The date and location is kept a secret until the last minute. Each installation exists far from civilization and for just 9 days before being removed, leaving nothing in their wake aside from lots of photos and even more fond memories.”

See past yarnbombs here.

Want to Donate?

It’s easy … any crochet / knit piece is accepted. Mail it to Santa Barbara. Deadline 5/1/14.

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