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by Kathryn on March 9, 2014 · 2 comments

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Since I’m now on Instagram I’m using Sundays on this blog to share the crochet I’ve pictured there. Here’s what this past week looked like in Instagram crochet.

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What you see here is several of my large crochet granny square blankets. There’s the silk bamboo yarn one that I finished a long time ago but recently added half double crochet edging to in order to complete it; there’s a cozy day beneath a chunky yarn blanket with golden retriever Lucy at my feet and there’s the new white/blue/brown granny blanket I’m working on now.

You also see some crochet WIPs and granny squares that I’ve made over the years and never turned into anything. I recently discovered that I could donate these to a collaborative yarnbombing project (more on that here on the blog next week) so I gathered them together and sent a package off this week.

You see some of the crochet apps that I reviewed here this week. More of those to come soon!

And finally several shots of a crochet shrug that I’m still not sure is quite done. Maybe it needs a new edging. Or a higher collar. Or some sleeve detail. I’m not sure. But I wore it this week and overall I like it. When I decide on the finished item I’ll take some better clear pictures and share in detail!

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The shrug intrigues me-I look forward to seeing what you do with it to finish it off. Thanks for sharing on Sundays here; I don't have time to do IG as well.

CrochetBlogger moderator

@lyndamotvos Thanks! I'll be doing a post on the site with different pictures showing the shrug process and more details. I just need to take some better photos with the rael camera because the details aren't quite easy to get with the iPhone. I was never really into the Instagram thing until recently but I've suddenly gotten hooked and really enjoy being able to just snap photos of crochet things regularly and share them this way - then share them on the blog too!

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