Crochet Artwear by Indra Dovydėnaitė

Thanks to a Facebook post by the wonderful crocheter Prudence Mapstone I’ve discovered the beautiful crochet (and knit) artwear fashion of Indra Dovydėnaitė. I just had to share.

Indra Dovydėnaitė Crochet and Knits

Here are some images from her website:

Indra Dovydėnaitė art crochet fashion

Indra Dovydėnaitė crochet clothing

Indra Dovydėnaitė artwear

Indra Dovydėnaitė ballet crochet

Indra Dovydėnaitė beautiful crochet

Indra Dovydėnaitė crochet dress

Indra Dovydėnaitė freeform crochet dress

Indra Dovydėnaitė crochet dresses

Indra Dovydėnaitė crochet fashion

Indra Dovydėnaitė crochet orange

Indra Dovydėnaitė crochet swimwear

Indra Dovydėnaitė crochet

Indra Dovydėnaitė yellow crochet

Indra Dovydėnaitė fashion

Indra Dovydėnaitė

Indra Dovydėnaitė freeform crochet skirt

Similar Crochet Artwear Fashion Designers

Indra’s work, although unique, reminds me of a few other freeform crochet avant garde fashion designers:

crochet fashion wear

Gabrielle Marina Gonzalez


Laura Theiss

sandra backlund crochet fashion

Sandra Backlund

Rodarte Crochet Top


sister by sibling crochet swimwear

Sister by Sibling

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  1. amazing!

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