Crochet Playground for Burning Man 2014

by Kathryn on February 6, 2014 · 7 comments

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A group called Suspension of Disbelief is currently running an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to try to raise enough money for supplies to build a largescale crochet playground for Burning Man 2014.

About the Crochet Playground Plan

The crochet playground will be built for display at Burning Man 2014 as well as smaller events throughout the Pacific Northwest. It will not be burned at the end of Burning Man 2014.

crochet playground plans Crochet Playground for Burning Man 2014

From the fundraiser:

“We’re Suspension of Disbelief, a group of crafty folk, from all over the world. Some of us are Burning man attendees, some not – and our numbers are growing everyday! We all love art and crafts that engage community and interaction and we’re ready to share our own. We’re building a larger than life, hand crocheted, playground for all ages. But we need your help.”

crochet playgrounds Crochet Playground for Burning Man 2014

“Hopefully it will spark something in folks who’ve never considered themselves “artists” to see the creative process in a whole new way and perhaps encourage them to participate in this or some other community art project.”

What Funders Are Getting In Return

Besides knowing that you’re contributing to a cool crochet art project for Burning Man, funding this project through Indiegogo can get you …

crochet accessories Crochet Playground for Burning Man 2014

A fingerless crochet wrist wallet, a crochet water bottle cozy, crochet pendant necklaces and more

crochet playground piece 600x265 Crochet Playground for Burning Man 2014

Funders at the $100 level can get “A piece of Suspension of Disbelief for your very own. These beautiful pieces average 4 to 6 feet across and make beautiful wall hangings or lovely throw rugs. Once back from the playa, we’ll hand select panels from the structure itself and deliver it to you, complete with playa-dust and love.”

Other Crochet Playgrounds

hakone forest net open air museum 400x267 Crochet Playground for Burning Man 2014

When I first saw the largescale crochet playgrounds of crochet artist Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam I thought that those were the only ones in the world. But playgrounds, or nets similar to playgrounds, have popped up on the periphery of my awareness repeatedly ever since.

olek crochet alligator 400x273 Crochet Playground for Burning Man 2014

Alligator crochet playground by Olek, in Brazil

ernesto neto crochet hammock 400x298 Crochet Playground for Burning Man 2014

Ernesto Neto crochet net art piece that looks like crochet playgrounds

crochet artist Numen 500x333 Crochet Playground for Burning Man 2014

Crochet nets from Austrian/Croatian design collective Numen

crochet hammock dome 400x266 Crochet Playground for Burning Man 2014

Crochet Hammock Dome via CargoCollective, also done for Burning Man

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Crochet Playground for Burning Man 2014

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THis is an amazing project, and we're having so much fun making it! Thanks for taking a look!



Even in Sweden there is a crochet playground! (in Bessinge, in the south of Sweden)


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