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by Kathryn on February 9, 2014 · 3 comments

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Since I’m now on Instagram I’m using Sundays on this blog to share the crochet I’ve pictured there. Here’s what this past week looked like in Instagram crochet.

IMG 2904 600x600 Crochet Instagrammed

A glimpse of my crochet tablecloth (large yellow and orange granny blanket, actually) beneath my rattlesnake coffee cup, coffee maker and air popcorn popper.

IMG 29371 600x600 Crochet Instagrammed

A close up detail of a crochet washcloth with an Instagram filter over it

IMG 2964 600x600 Crochet Instagrammed

Detail of the crochet convertible shrug I’m still working on.

IMG 3004 Crochet Instagrammed

Selfie wearing a crochet hat that I hadn’t worn in quite some time.

IMG 3014 600x600 Crochet Instagrammed

The cover of my copy of CAFAM Granny Squared catalog arrived this week.

IMG 3037 600x600 Crochet Instagrammed

Lucy in puppy crochet

IMG 3039 600x600 Crochet Instagrammed

A shot of some hyperbolic art crochet in my kitchen

IMG 3078 600x600 Crochet Instagrammed

A yarnbomb I spotted out and about, against a wall covered in a mural

IMG 3080 Crochet Instagrammed

A purposely blurry photo of me in a chunky pink crochet post stitch scarf.

IMG 3086 600x600 Crochet Instagrammed

Another yarnbomb, this one seen on a post.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Crochet Instagrammed

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Oh my goodness I love that mug!!

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