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by Kathryn on February 16, 2014 · 1 comment

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Since I’m now on Instagram I’m using Sundays on this blog to share the crochet I’ve pictured there. Here’s what this past week looked like in Instagram crochet.

IMG 3158 600x600 Crochet Instagrammed

Crochet skirt from a thrift store

IMG 3323 600x600 Crochet Instagrammed

Crochet granny square blanket made of silk bamboo yarn that I’m now adding more rounds to so I can enlarge it.

IMG 3337 600x600 Crochet Instagrammed

Crochet WIP blanket, post stitches in Red Heart yarn

IMG 3341 600x600 Crochet Instagrammed

Crochet hearts for Valentine’s Day. Fuzzy because it’s an Instagram picture of the computer screen which shows a photograph of the actual hearts!

IMG 3338 600x600 Crochet Instagrammed

More work with silk bamboo yarn

Screen shot 2014 02 16 at 8.15.15 AM Crochet Instagrammed

More about this crochet baby blanket that my mom made later this week icon smile Crochet Instagrammed

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Crochet Instagrammed

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