Project: Donate Knit or Crochet Microbes to Science

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Glasgow City of Science is working with all primary schools in Glasgow on a hand hygiene project in spring 2014 and part of this involves an introduction to microbes. They thought that it would be great to introduce the students to this science concept with fluffy microbes made out of knit and crochet. They’re seeking donations from anyone interested in handcrafting microbes for the project.

What’s a Microbe

From an article about the project in the news:

Microbe is a term for tine single-cell organisms that individually are too small to be seen with the eye. There are more of them on a person’s hand than there are people on the entire planet, which links in with the world record attempt at getting as many people washing their hands at once as possible.”

So you see it’s an intereting multi-faceted project.

knitting microbes 600x335 Project: Donate Knit or Crochet Microbes to Science

More About the Microbe Project

knit microbe amigurumi Project: Donate Knit or Crochet Microbes to Science

  • Almost 1000 knit or crochet microbes are needed for the project. They’ve received a couple hundred of them in donations so far but still need a lot more.
  • Microbes are needed for 7 different types of conditions like cholera, tuberculosis and the common cold. They need at least 140 of each of the different microbes. (See pattern info below.)
  • The deadline for the microbes to be received in Glasgow is February 27, 2014.

Knit and Crochet Microbe Patterns

pile of knitted microbes 600x799 Project: Donate Knit or Crochet Microbes to Science

There are links on the site (and through Ravelry) to the knit microbe patterns that are being used for this project. There is also a link to one crochet microbe pattern (note, if you make this one, don’t include the “snout” from the pattern).

I contacted Tracey from the project and asked her if it is okay if creative crocheters want to take a look at the knit microbe designs and work out their own versions in crochet. She responded enthusiatically:

“We are working off existing patterns but are very happy for any adaptations etc. The main thing is getting the correct shape and structure. Size and colour are not that important. It would be lovely if people were happy to share their patterns, too, to have other versions of the crochet patterns available for others posted on our website.”

So, if you can get creative and make some crochet microbe patterns and share them with others on the site, that would be terrific, too! You can get inspiration by looking at the Pinterest Microbes board.

Get more info on donating knit and crochet microbes here.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Project: Donate Knit or Crochet Microbes to Science

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