Marrakech Crochet Vacations 2014

by Kathryn on January 19, 2014 · 6 comments

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This is the third year in a row that I’ve seen the posts advertising the Marrakech, Morocco crochet retreat and really wished that I could go. This amazing retreat happens twice each year, in April and then again in October. As a grad student in the United States I can’t easily afford to get myself to Marrakech but if you’re in a better position to get yourself there the retreat itself actually seems pretty affordable and totally worth it.

About this Crochet Retreat

marrakesh crochet retreat Marrakech Crochet Vacations 2014

  • This retreat is a 6-day retreat where you stay at the Chambres d’Amis in Marrakech, a modern boutique hotel in the historic heart of the city.
  • The cost is 525 Euros, which I think is a little bit less than $800 U.S. Dollars. Airfare isn’t included but you get a lot of other things for your money including meals, transfer from the airport to the hotel, hooks and yarn for crocheting and a few city excursions.
  • One of the cool things that you get to do is go to the souk where you can buy unique wool and cotton yarn. THEN you get to take the wool that you purchased to a local dye-house established in the Middle Ages and get it dyed for you! That sounds amazing.
  • You’ll also have ample opportunity to crochet in several amazing spaces throughout the area including crocheting with Moroccan woman in the open air.
  • “Guerilla crocheting on the Djma el Fna square.”

More Marrakech Crochet Vacation Details

marrakesh crochet Marrakech Crochet Vacations 2014

The dates of the Cool Crochet Workshop are April 23-28 for Spring and October 3-8 for autumn. Learn more about the Aprile and October crochet vacations from Wood and Wool Stool. Ingrid from Wood and Wool explains in her post that she collaborates with Ank van der Pluijm on this project: “Ank is the owner of the stunning riad Chambres d’amis. She’s a super friendly and charming Marrakech specialist and guide during the workshops. I’m in charge of the cool crochet workshops and I’m looking forward to it.”

Because of this retreat I included Marrakech in my list of 25 Best Cities for Crochet Lovers.

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I wanna go, I wanna go, I really really really wanna go... (I can sing that to a great little tune !~!) What a great time will be had by all who attend. Best to you.


I love your blog especially article on 20 ways to up cycle a crocheted sweater such as the sweater vases and the slippers. Very beautiful blog and great creative ideas


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