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by Kathryn on January 22, 2014 · 4 comments

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For the longest time I just “didn’t get it” with the whole Instagram thing but suddenly this year I’ve changed my mind and gotten on board. I’m there at kvercillo sharing photos of crochet, the puppy I watch, flowers from my walks and more. Recently instagrammed crochet:

IMG 2531 600x600 Instagramming Crochet

IMG 2554 600x600 Instagramming Crochet

IMG 2595 600x600 Instagramming Crochet

IMG 2662 600x600 Instagramming Crochet

IMG 2573 600x600 Instagramming Crochet

IMG 2485 600x600 Instagramming Crochet

The first photo and the last two photos are all the same blanket. It’s a large granny square blanket that I’d started awhile back and then left unfinished. I recently re-organized my yarn stash and found all of my bulky yarn so I figured out which yarn I could use to finish it and have been working on it. I think it’s done now (that purple and blue yarn is the edging) although I’m considering making it a little bigger with a different yarn for the final edging. We’ll see.

The other photos (in order from top to bottom) are:

  • A pic of crochet in my home. It’s a black and blue granny square crochet scarf I made a long time ago, folded up onto my lamp. Sitting on top of that is the Ms. Pacman crochet ghost purchased from nerdJERK. And behind that is a crochet bobble purse I made.
  • An F hook inside of my current WIP. It’s a convertible shrug. I haven’t figured out what the design is yet.
  • Hyperbolic crochet art that I made a long time ago and have displayed in different ways around my house. It had been on the wall but I took it down in December to hang a Christmas wreath so now it’s sitting like this in front of my fireplace.

Do you Instagram your crochet? Under what name?

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I post a mixture of crochet and family pics. To be honest I do like Instagram, but I'm not sure why and I there's no consistency to my posting - what made you suddenly get it? What do you like about it? laurad29

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@WhatIsLazDoing I'm not sure why I decided to get into it really. I'd started playing with the Days app last year and liked tracking my days in photos. I decided to start doing one pic a day on Instagram as a sort of mindfulness trick to pay attention to interesting things in my life and it quickly became more than once a day. I'm liking seeing everyone's days and experiences.

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