2013 Awesome Crochet Blog Awards: Best Yarnbombing Blog

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For today’s 2013 Awesome Crochet Blogger Awards I’d like to give an award for the best yarnbombing blog. This year’s crochet award goes to Streetcolor.

About this Awesome Crochet Blog Award

I said last year: “Niche blogs are hard to keep up over time because you have to have a true passion for one specific part of the craft in order to keep blogging about it in a fresh way on a consistent basis. The great thing for readers is that they often go into more depth about the niche than a general craft blog would. That’s exactly why these blogs are so important.” This is true for yarnbombing that is a truly important part of the crochet world but definitely a niche part that not everyone (I would say not even most crochet bloggers) are covering. It’s worth recognizing those who keep us up to date on yarnbombing information.

Why the Winning Blog Won

What I have really enjoyed about this blog this year is how the blogger shares her own experiences in yarnbombing but also shares yarnbombing news from around the world. She has found information about yarnbombing projects that I haven’t seen reported on anywhere else and it’s really wonderful to see that amazing celebration of yarn art!

This Blog Previously Won …

I really enjoy the yarnbombing posts on this blog. It also won the 2012 Awesome Crochet Blog Award for best niche crochet blog.

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