2013 Awesome Crochet Blog Awards: Best Video Tutorials

by Kathryn on December 2, 2013 · 6 comments

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For today’s 2013 Awesome Crochet Blogger Awards I’d like to give an award for the best crochet video tutorials on a blog. The blog that did this best in 2013 was Moogly.

About this Awesome Crochet Blog Award

Video tutorials are one of the most popular ways for people to learn to crochet. People who take the time to create high-quality instructional videos should definitely be rewarded for their efforts! This helps more people to learn and enjoy the craft.

Why the Winning Blog Won

Moogly regularly posts video tutorials for a variety of different types of techniques, some of which are basics (which is great) but many of which are unique (which is even better). Audio and video are both clear and she takes care to choose yarn colors that work well with video tutorials. Check out her Multicolor Granny Squares Tutorial and her tutorial on working post stitches into single crochet. She often supplements the video with photos. I’m not the only one who thinks Moogly does a great job with crochet tutorials; she won the Craftsy 2013 Tutorial Award.

This Blog Previously Won …

I love Tamara’s blog so it’s no surprise that she’s previously won one of my Awesome Crochet Blogger Awards. She won the 2012 Awesome Crochet Blogger Award for best crochet pattern roundups because she does these great collections of free patterns from around the web, curated by theme.

Also About This Great Crochet Blog

Moogly definitely does video tutorials well but that’s not all that’s done terrifically on this blog. I continue to love her free pattern roundups, which she does on so many unique themes. I also love the patterns that she herself has started creating and releasing. Finally, I really like the way she adds clear text descriptions on top of vivid photos so that when you share her stuff on social media it’s easy for people to see exactly what it’s all about.

Thanks to the Blogger

Although it didn’t affect my choice of who received the award I wanted to say thanks again to Tamara for supporting my Hook to Heal project earlier this year with an interview.

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Excellent Choice! Tamara does a spectacular job on her blog posts, tutorials and with her interactions with visitors on her social media sites :) Rhondda


I just saw this! Thank you so So much Kathryn! You're such an inspiration to me. I am so honored!


Congratulations, Tamara!  Videos are so time consuming to make and edit, so I truly commend you!


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