2013 Awesome Crochet Blog Awards: Best Crochet Photo Shoots

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For today’s 2013 Awesome Crochet Blogger Awards I’d like to give an award for the best photo shoots on a crochet blog. This year’s award goes to Crochet Today.

About this Awesome Crochet Blog Award

I’ve already given an award this year for best photos on a crochet blog so why am I giving another one for best crochet photo shoots? Well, because they’re a little bit different. Photo shoots mean actually putting on the crochet (if wearable) or styling it in a space and setting it up so that the entire photo looks perfect. While this year’s winner of the best photos did that and so did the winner of the award for best styling, I thought it was worth recognizing a blog that does this aspect of photography specifically well. Besides, photos are such an important part of blogs these days, doesn’t it make sense to have multiple photo-related awards?!

Why the Winning Blog Won

It makes sense that Crochet Today has won this award because a lot of their photos come from the photo shoots that they do for their magazine. Their blog photos are clear, detailed, showcasing the crochet perfectly within the context of the piece whether that means highlighting its seasonality, honing in on close-up sections or showing the piece in action.

This Blog Previously Won …

I haven’t previously included Crochet Today in my annual awards roundup but I’ve been following this blog for years and have always enjoyed it. Each year there are only about 30 blogs that get these awards so I can’t get to everyone and in the first years I really wanted to recognize the smaller, less well-known blogs first. As a magazine blog it has a wider reach but I’m glad to celebrate the great work of the site this year!

Also About this Crochet Blog

It’s not just the photos that I enjoy on this blog. Crochet Today has a solid archive of links to their patterns (both free and those for sale through their magazines). I also really appreciate that they take the time on their blog to recognize crochet artists, crochet bloggers and crochet designers. They show a true appreciation for all aspects of crochet and a celebration of the people who do it and that’s really wonderful to see.

Special Thanks

Although it didn’t affect my choice of winner in any way I want to say thanks again to Crochet Today (and disclose) for allowing me to do weekly guest posts and tutorials on the blog this year.

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