Crochet Artist Sara Al Haddad

Sara Al Haddad got her BFA in graphic design in 2011 from Dubai’s American University. She creates artwork based on personal emotion and “aspects that society might deem as weak and unacceptable to express especially as a female.” It seems only fitting that she would frequently use the medium of crochet, historically seen as “women’s work” to express her ideas. Sara started working with embroidery as a young child and has always done something in the fiber arts. Her first solo show was last year. Harper’s Bazaar had a great article on her earlier this year.

Without Installation, 2013

crochet artwork 600x399 Crochet Artist Sara Al Haddad

This year Sara did an installation art project called Without. It was commissioned by the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority. It was designed to represent changes in a historic neighborhood and combined crochet work with the symbolism of dust to represent memories in the space.

Other Crochet/ Mixed Media Art

Here are some of Sara’s other pieces; more on her website.

crochet and knit art 600x399 Crochet Artist Sara Al Haddad

crochet art2 600x491 Crochet Artist Sara Al Haddad

crochet self portrait 600x401 Crochet Artist Sara Al Haddad

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Crochet Artist Sara Al Haddad

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