Crafting Meditation Tip: Use Crochet Mindfulness Cues

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Earlier this year I wrote an in-depth article on how to crochet for mindfulness. One of the things that I suggested was to use your crochet as cues for mindfulness and meditation practice. I wanted to elaborate on that idea here today.

A mindfulness cue is something that you keep in mind as a thing that will always bring you back to your mindfulness practice and the current moment that you are in. For example, some people get cued whenever they feel an itch and scratch themselves. They train themselves that any itch is a cute to come back into the present moment and to focus on the breath, their feelings, the sounds in the room, etc. Eventually, this becomes automatic and they find themselves regularly brought back to mindfulness.

You can choose a cue that relates to your crochet. Maybe it will be every time that you use a crossed double crochet in your work. Or maybe it will be whenever it’s time to increase rows. Or perhaps it will be each time that you work with a red yarn. Or maybe it will just be the habit of coming back to mindfulness each time that you start a new project. Pick something you do frequently but not excessively so that it becomes a ritual but not a hassle.

This exercise is an excerpt from the meditation exercises in the appendix of my book, Crochet Saved My Life Crafting Meditation Tip: Use Crochet Mindfulness Cues.

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