Spread Your Word to My Social Network. Here’s How!

by Kathryn on September 22, 2013 · 0 comments

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Last week I shared how you could reach my 50,000 Pinterest followers with your message. That’s my most popular social networking site but it’s not the only one I’m on. I also offer sponsors the opportunity to spread their words, images and links through my other social media channels as well.

Through a social media sponsorship you can get your news out to my followers on Facebook, G+ and Twitter. Here’s are the details:

  • You tell me the message to share.
  • You include any @mentions or #hashtags you want in the post.
  • You add an image if you so desire.
  • You let me know where to link it.
  • I send it out through my channels.

I have 6000+ Facebook fans, 4700+ Twitter followers and 3000 G+ followers. I charge $5 for Tweets and $10 for Facebook/G+ posts.

Sound good? Go to my sponsor page, select the option you want and complete the order.

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