Crochet Art Book Giveaway! 11 Reasons Why You’ll Want the Fine Art of Crochet

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It’s been about two months now that I’ve had a copy of Gwen Blakley Kinsler’s new book The Fine Art of Crochet: Innovative Works from 20 Contemporary Artists Crochet Art Book Giveaway! 11 Reasons Why Youll Want the Fine Art of Crochet. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve picked up the book in those two months and every single time I see something new and interesting! Today I’m happy to tell you more about the book in this review sharing 11 reasons that you might want to get your hands on a copy … and I’m happy to offer you the chance to get a copy through a book giveaway! There are lots of ways to enter!

11 Reasons To Buy The Fine Art Of Crochet

1. Author Gwen Blakley Kinsler knows what she is talking about. She is the founder of the Crochet Guild of America, a member of the National Needlework Association, a crochet author who has been widely published and she did extensive research into crochet art history for the writing of this book. She is also a crochet artist in her own right particuarly in freeform crochet art.

crochet kween Crochet Art Book Giveaway! 11 Reasons Why Youll Want the Fine Art of Crochet

Gwen Blakley Kinsler crochet self portrait

2. This book is a truly original celebration of crochet art. It’s such a unique book, one of the first that I know of since the 1970s that collects the work of a diverse range of crochet artists and really showcases how crochet can be used in the art world. It expands upon the existing literature in crochet art history and then adds to it by showcasing the developments of each individual artist in a way that shows us how the whole of the crochet art movement is more than just the sum of the parts. I love what Gwen said about crochet art in a recent blog post: “Crochet as art nudges pre-conceived notions of crochet out of the arena of “grandma’s rocking chair” and into the realm of “almost anything is possible.” This serves to impress even the most seasoned practitioner and inspire them to push their own work to the next level.”

3. The range of crochet artists included in this book is amazing. The book profiles the work of twenty different contemporary crochet artists. Some of these, like Arline Fisch, are artists who began their work decades ago and who were actually originally featured in those other books. Others are new artists who are bringing their own modern voices to the fiber arts scene. I’ve done extensive research into crochet artists myself and knew many of the ones in the book but there were actually a few that I hadn’t heard of yet and am so glad I know about them now.

14  Crochet Art Book Giveaway! 11 Reasons Why Youll Want the Fine Art of CrochetLeslie Pontz; Pregnant; wire, iron, thread, wood, paint; 20 x 13.24 x 9.25 inches

4. It’s a beautiful coffee table book. This is the kind of crochet art book that you can place on a coffee table and enjoy again and again just for the beauty of the works shared here. The photos are excellent and the work is inspirational.

5. You’re supporting a self-published author. Gwen did a great job of creating a high-quality self-published book. As a self-published author myself I think there are a lot of good reasons to support indie publishing and would love to see her be successful with this book for this reason as well as because I think it’s a great celebration of crochet art.

crochet art Crochet Art Book Giveaway! 11 Reasons Why Youll Want the Fine Art of Crochet

Dale Roberts; 127 (Distort Series); crocheted cotton, wool, hemp, twine, sound objects such ascardboard, rubber balls, metal, wood

6. You can learn more about crochet’s history. The emphasis is on its history as an art form, through revolution, evolution and onto collaboration. However, you’ll get some interesting general crochet history from the book’s intro as well.

7. There is a lot of interesting, rich information about each crochet artist in the book. Of course we are all going to turn to the pictures and ooh and aah but the text is also really informative here. Profiles of each crochet artist are detailed and share the artist’s history, motivations, messages and more.

37 600x480 Crochet Art Book Giveaway! 11 Reasons Why Youll Want the Fine Art of CrochetAndrea Uravitch; Spotted Lizard; crocheted fiber over welded steel armature, ceramic face and back

8. It’s really affordable for an art book. Most books that feature so many color photos of artwork are really pricey. This one isn’t. It’s within the average price range of a regular crochet pattern book. Plus it’s available on Kindle if you’re on a tight budget.

9. It includes male crochet artists. There’s a mixture of artists in this book and I wanted to point out that she includes several male crochet artists who are often underrepresented in our conversations about crochet art. Two of the male crochet artists included in the book are Nathan Vincent and Jerry Bleem.

42 Crochet Art Book Giveaway! 11 Reasons Why Youll Want the Fine Art of CrochetKatheen Holmes; Cross Dresser; ceramic and mixed media

10. It’s just so inspirational. I really can’t highlight enough how inspiring I find this collection of crochet art. What people are doing with crochet is amazing! It makes me want to get my hooks out right now.

11. Gwen’s work really celebrates the community of crochet, not just the individual artists and in enjoying her book we are able to support that. Building, sharing and participating in the crochet community is something that Gwen excels at. Back in 2011 I quoted her as saying, “It is amazing how our strands of yarn bind us together as almost instant friends. There is something about the feel of yarn running through your fingers and the opportunity to share creativity that brings a group together.” And of course she’s the founder of the CGOA!

Enter this Crochet Art Book Giveaway

50 Crochet Art Book Giveaway! 11 Reasons Why Youll Want the Fine Art of CrochetKaren Searle; Two Figures; Crocheted copper wire, birch bark, driftwood, glass beads, knitted flax paper yarn

To enter this giveaway you can do any or all of the following social sharing actions. Each one is worth one entry in the giveaway.

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When you have completed all of your entries, come back to this post and add a comment telling me the following:

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Note: If you have any problems leaving a comment please just use the contact tab at the top of the page to email me your entry info. Occasionally people have trouble with my Livefyre comment system but I haven’t yet figured out when or why this is occurring.

Deadline: Comments must be entered by Thursday, September 12 at midnight PST. Giveaway is open to all.

Good luck! Or if you can’t wait to see if you win the giveaway and need to get your hands on a copy now, The Fine Art of Crochet: Innovative Works from 20 Contemporary Artists Crochet Art Book Giveaway! 11 Reasons Why Youll Want the Fine Art of Crochet is available through Amazon.

All images in this post are reprinted with permission from The Fine Art of Crochet.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Crochet Art Book Giveaway! 11 Reasons Why Youll Want the Fine Art of Crochet

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i love crochet and art , and this is about both.


I have 6 entries. Here is the pattern I put into my library: I am following Gwen and Crochet Concupiscence on Google+ and through Pinterest boards. I am following Gwen's blog by email.

I've been trying to share on Google + but I am unable to get my comment on there before it supposedly send it. I checked Google+ and I cannot find my post of it. I've tried a few times.

Pinned here:

I would love to win & own this book just by what you have shown here on your blog. I know I would open this back over and over again. It looks amazing!


Hi! I'm Xin Velasco, crocheter and hoping to win this giveaway!

I think I get 8 entries for the book giveaway. I posted the links and additional things that I did below as proof:

Xin Velasco @Facebook

- FB post featuring the link and commentary


- Liked CrochetKween @ FB

- Liked Crochet Concupiscence @ FB

Xin V. @Pinterest

- Pinterest repin on Products I Love


- Followed Crochet Concupiscence board @Pinterest

- Followed Crochet Kween board @Pinterest

Gwen's blog | subscribed with [email protected]

- Went to Gwen's blog to subscribe on her blog. Really great blog by the way! I was instantly hooked!

Blog entry | Tumblr -


I want to win this giveaway 'cause everything you have described and included in the article really inspired me to look at crochet in an artistic way. I have dreamt of seeing various crochet pieces being transformed into works of art and this book showcases that. I would really want to win this book so I could learn more about crochet in a freeform and mixed media approach. To be honest, I want to win this giveaway so bad that I did all the sharing and linking that I possibly could for this giveaway. Normally, I wouldn't.

I really hope to win the book for my own. If not, I hope the winner will cherish the book just as much as I would have :)


10 entries! Posted on fb (Juanita Quinones), pinned the book cover to pinterest ( ), liked both pages on fb, added both to G+ circles, followed both boards, added one pattern to my Ravelry queue, and added email to Gwen's blog. I really, really would love to win the book. It sure will be great inspiration for future projects.


I get five entries! shared the post on my fb, (Terra Warner Agueda), liked both pages, added the Flower Trellis Scarf to Ravelry, and signed up for the emails. Gorgeous Book!! Thanks for the chance to own one!

Akua Lezli Hope
Akua Lezli Hope

I Pinned to Pinterest and Tweeted! I would LOVE to get one of these fabulous books!

Emily Augustus
Emily Augustus

OK, I posted to FB (Emily Augustus) and liked Crochetkween Designs (FB, Emily Augustus) and I have been a liker of your page for a while now, so does that get me three entries?

Thanks for the giveaway!


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