Repotting for the Brown Thumb: My Crochet Flowers

by Kathryn on July 12, 2013 · 2 comments

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Earlier this month in my personal update you might’ve seen a sneak peek of some crochet flowers in pots. Curious about them?

First, About My Brown Thumb

crochet window flowers 600x448 Repotting for the Brown Thumb: My Crochet Flowers

Here’s the thing: I don’t do well with plants. I’m not sure if I’ve ever had occasion to share this story on the blog before but the first memory I have of owning a plant was in elementary school when you get to put a seed into a styrofoam cup and take it home and take care of it. I put mine inside of my closet, where it clearly got no light and I can’t actually remember if I watered it. Given my long history of how I’ve treated plants since my best guess is that I completely forgot about it and eventually threw the cup of dirt away.

crochet flowers for home Repotting for the Brown Thumb: My Crochet Flowers

It’s not that I don’t like plants. I do. I think they’re pretty and I think it’s nice to have life in your home. My sister is a plant sciences student with a great garden of her own and some cool greenhouse projects that I admore. My dad’s had a garden off and on and even when they didn’t have one they’ve always had trees that bore fruit in the yard (grapefruit, mostly). One of the women I petsit for has a stunningly beautiful garden and I do sit out there and enjoy it when I’m staying there. But I just don’t seem to quite care enough about plants in my own home to keep paying enough regular attention to them to keep them alive. Out of neglect I’ve killed not only fickle plants like orchids but easy plants like succulents.

Making My House Fit Me

crochet flower in pot 600x448 Repotting for the Brown Thumb: My Crochet Flowers

I’ve been doing tons of decluttering and-reorganizing lately and one of the things that I really feel like I finally achieved this time around was really making my house fit me and the way that I live in it. I live alone in an apartment and while I do have people over semi-regularly for gatherings I’d say that more often than not I’m alone in this space. I’ve always had it cozy but I also seemed to have a lot of things (both items and design choices) that had more to do with the minority times that others were here than the majority times when I was here. I wanted to change that and create the kind of space filled with both possessions and conveniences that worked for me.

Filling the Flower Pots

crochet flowers in window 600x448 Repotting for the Brown Thumb: My Crochet Flowers

One of the things that’s been hanging around and creating bad feng shui or negative energy or whatever is the set of flower pots that sits in window containers outside of my kitchen and bathroom windows. They were here when I moved in. I’ve always thought they were cute. I’ve had plants in them, thanks to my sister planting them for me, but I’ve never had anything last long. This is due not only to my brown thumb but also to the fact that (as I eventually learned from the aforementioned woman that I petsit for) that they are placed in really bad places as far as growing most things in this climate are concerned. So in this process of decluttering I finally pulled those pots inside, cleaned out the dirt from the last failed planting, and decided to make them into something that I could actually keep “alive” and enjoying seeing every day when I look out my windows.

Clearing out the WIPs

upcycled crochet flowers Repotting for the Brown Thumb: My Crochet Flowers

You may be able to tell from a glance at these photos that these are not traditional crochet flower shapes in these pots. Some of them are pieces of hyperbolic crochet that I was previously using in indoor pots that eventually got discarded due to space constrictions. Others are various WIPs that I knew I wasn’t going to use as they were and decided to fold, combine and re-shape to create something organic-looking to represent flowers in my pots. Are they perfect? No? But they’re perfect for me!

Although I love my crochet-filled flower pots you might be more inspired by these stunning crochet gardens.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Repotting for the Brown Thumb: My Crochet Flowers

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Lynda M O
Lynda M O

I love it. Have done similar activities and found that they suited me and mine just perfectly. As these pots do you !~!


I think they look great Kathryn - very colorful - and they do resemble flowers of some sort. Another idea you could try is something I do on my front porch that hardly gets any sun at all - get some fake flowers from the dollar store and 'plant' them in pots of dirt. They kind of look real as long as you're not too close to them. :)

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