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Last week I shared with you some of the crochet that I’ve done lately. But my crochet isn’t the only crochet I get a chance to see. Sometimes I see crochet in other people’s homes, receive it from somewhere or spot it out in the world. Here are some of the crochet items I’ve experienced in my world recently.

Crochet Rug = Placemat

IMG 0367 600x803 Crochet Spotted in My World

When I was doing decluttering I found an unfinished crochet rug that my mom started in the late 1970s or early 1980s. She gave it to me a couple of years ago because I intended to finish it and use it in my kitchen but I never got around to finishing it. I pulled it out of the closet, finished up the last unfinished round and realized it was the perfect size for a placemat so now it’s on my kitchen table, in use.

IMG 0369 Crochet Spotted in My World

Crochet Blankets in Jeanette’s Home

I sometimes get to do some petsitting in a lovely home filled with five different animals (two dogs, two cats and a bird) and also filled with an interesting assortment of different items with their own stories behind them. Jeanette, the woman of the house, is a knitter and there is lots of yarn and knitting about but there are also a few crochet items in the home, too.

IMG 0192 Crochet Spotted in My World

IMG 0188 600x448 Crochet Spotted in My World

I enjoy this colorful crochet blanket that sits on a chair in the cats’ room. As you can see it’s got some solid neutral squares and then a bunch of multi-colored squares. The stitches are simple grannies but the colors make it special.

IMG 0178 Crochet Spotted in My World

IMG 0176 600x803 Crochet Spotted in My World

This blanket is also in the cats’ room; at the time of the photo it was folded up and tucked into a cat bed to make it more comfortable for the kitties.

DSC 7465 600x402 Crochet Spotted in My World

DSC 7464 Crochet Spotted in My World

This lovely colorful striped crochet piece is down in the garden room. It’s a retangular blanket although it would work well as a rug, too.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Crochet Spotted in My World

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