Anyone Know Anything About Vintage Crochet Hooks?

by Kathryn on July 7, 2013 · 4 comments

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I recently heard from a crochet blog reader who received this set of tiny hooks and wanted to know more about them. I didn’t have a lot of information myself but thought that someone else out there might have some ideas.

Here’s what Carrie wrote:

“Hello. I just inherited a set of what I think are old crochet needles. The only reason why I think they are crochet needles is because one of the four interchangeable tips has a hook on it. They are tiny – just 4 inches with the base and the tip attached. I’ve never seen crochet needles like it before. Please let me know if you can help me with identification – thanks!”

After Carrie sent me a photo of the hooks, here’s what I thought:

“Oh cute! Yep, those seem to be vintage crochet hooks. I’ve seen small ones before … I think that they are used mostly for tatting, but I could be wrong about that. How fun!”

I’m the first to admit, though, that my knowledge of vintage crochet hooks is limited, so I thought I’d see what you guys think about them. Leave any thoughts or comments for Carrie in the comment section below.

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I have also come across some teeny tiny vintage hooks that are not just tiny in hook diameter, but also in length - very compact for travel. They come with a metal cover for the hook end so that one can carry the hooks without getting them caught on the work. When one is ready to use the hooks, the cap comes off and secures onto the blunt end of the hook to create a handle long enough to hold. It is just like taking the cap off a ballpoint pen and putting it on the end while you use it.

I am sure there is an online forum or topic thread somewhere dedicated to vintage tools. Even if it is labelled vintage 'knitting' tools there may be someone there who is equally expert on vintage crochet as well. Enjoy your beautiful inheritance, Carrie. It is good to know that other people value such things. Thank you both Carrie and Kathryn for sharing them.


These would be used for very fine crochet lace and threadwork. I think you are also correct about being useful for tatting (something I know practically nothing about!).

The 'knob' shape on the end, besides being decorative, can also be used for securing the work in progress and maybe also for other lacemaking techniques like bobbin lace. These other lacemaking techniques might be avenues to explore for further information.

I have a vintage hook which is has a groove around the handle towards the end which creates a similar 'knob' shape on the end. I was told that one can wrap the working end of the yarn into the groove on the handle to prevent a WIP from unravelling, but I also think bobbin lace makers have a tool with a similar shape. Perhaps someone experienced in these lacemaking crafts can clarify that for us.

It is a lovely set pictured here - is it one handle with interchangeable hooks? If they are interchangeable, how do they attach? I have seen some vintage hooks that screw into their handles. It fascinates me to find vintage tools and compare them to the modern ones. It helps me appreciate the evolution of our tools.

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@jodiebodiecrochets Thanks so much for the response! I do know that the one handle has interchangeable hook tops but I'm not sure how they attach. I'll ask!

Really love the point that you made here where you said: "It fascinates me to find vintage tools and compare them to the modern ones. It helps me appreciate the evolution of our tools."

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