101 Year Old Woman Continues Crocheting

by Kathryn on July 11, 2013 · 0 comments

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It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a good story about an elderly crocheter but I do always keep my eye out for them. Crochet is something that you can do into very old age and it’s great to see the people (usually but not always women) who do that as a way to stay active and inspired and keep giving to others as they age.

I recently heard from a woman named Patricia who had read some of these stories on my site. She wanted to share that her mother is one of those awesome women. She says:

“I was on your website and saw where there are ladies that are still crocheting at the golden age of 100. I just wanted to let you know that my mother, who is 101 and will be 102 in February 2014, still crochets afghans and the sashay scarves. In fact she has made over 100 crochet scarves for the upcoming craft fair that we will be having here in Surprise, AZ. She is one amazing lady and I am so proud to call her my mother. She has made approximately 200 afghans in her lifetime!”

I’m so glad that Patricia shared this. Her mom sounds terrific and I hope that it will inspire other older women to keep on with their crafting. It has so many health benefits including maintaining fine motor skills, keeping the mind sharp, building self-esteem, and more. If you know of an awesome elderly crocheter, I’d love to share the story. Use the “contact” button on the site to get in touch with me!

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