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by Kathryn on June 25, 2013 · 3 comments

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I was so touched to receive this poem on my Facebook page from Lois Collins, and I’m thrilled that she’s given me permission to share it with you here on the blog, along with a couple of photos of her crochet stone artwork:

lois collins crochet stones 600x600 Crochet Poem by Lois Collins
Crochet ball.I’m a lonely crochet ball. I live by myself out in the hall. I feel like no-one really cares, when I’m tossed in the cupboard under the stairs.

Covered with dust and balls of fluff, I’d very nearly had enough.

Then one dreary Monday morn, feeling cold and all forlorn, I saw a chink of golden light, and rose up to the highest height.

Cradled in a small, warm hand, taken to a brand new land. Stroked and loved and used with care, placed upon a wicker chair.

From that day on I gave all I had, glad to feel useful instead of sad.

“This thread is just perfect,” I heard the girl say. “So silky and soft I could crochet all day.”

Kathryn was the young girl’s name, there wasn’t a thread that she couldn’t tame.

Hours went by then the cushion was done. I smiled up at her. “I loved it, what fun!”

She looked down at me with wonder and pride. It made me feel warm and tender inside.

Instead of just throwing me into the hall she said with a smile “Next, maybe a shawl!”

Placing me carefully into a drawer she whispered “You rest now, I’ll be back for more.”

Don’t you love Lois’s crochet covered stones as well? See more on her Facebook page.
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Lynda M O
Lynda M O

Absolutely amazing evocative work. Her piece brings to a small place ...


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