Wrist Worms Crochet Wristers by Sandra Juto

by Kathryn on May 23, 2013 · 4 comments

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For today’s post in the May crochet inspiration series I wanted to share the crochet fingerless gloves that maker Sandra Juto calls Wrist Worms. I love the photo story about the wrist worms process that you can find under the tag “process” on Juto’s site.

wrist worms crochet 600x342 Wrist Worms Crochet Wristers by Sandra Juto

I learned about this crochet maker from Kollabora which shared that Juto learned to both knit and crochet as a child. She’d previously been knitting gloves but when her husband wanted a pair she started playing around with crochet gloves and the business was born from there.

Screen shot 2013 05 03 at 9.26.38 PM 600x431 Wrist Worms Crochet Wristers by Sandra Juto

I hope this post inspires you to:

  • Learn more about Sandra Juto
  • Make a pair of crochet fingerless gloves
  • Take something you love to make in another craft and make it in crochet instead!
  • Let me know about other great crochet makers in the comments below so I can check out folks I don’t know yet!


pinit fg en rect gray 28 Wrist Worms Crochet Wristers by Sandra Juto

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Lynda M O
Lynda M O

Love hers. My first pair of crocheted wrist warmers was made this same way with a pretty variegated tan, light blue and gray yarn. I have wrist issues every day and almost always wear covers over them of various weights and materiels: yarn, linen, fleece, canvas brace, cashmere sweater sleeves tat have worn thru the elbow... you get the idea I am sure.


Thank you for this post! You were right, her photo story about the wristwarmers she makes is beautiful! Question though - does anyone know what kind of stitch she is using to get that beautiful, almost "spiral staircase-like" ridge across her wristwarmers? I've never seen that ridge produced from crochet before and I would love to use that stitch in other projects I am working on...




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