Orly Genger’s Lobster Rope Crochet + May Crochet Inspiration

by Kathryn on May 1, 2013 · 9 comments

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As I explained yesterday, I’m going through some transitions right now and have a little less time to devote to long articles for this blog for the month of May. However, it is important to me to keep sharing the awesomeness of the crochet community with you terrific readers. So, what I’ve decided to do for the month of the May is provide little snippets of crochet inspiration. Each day I’ll share a photo, video, crochet pattern or story that I think is inspiring in the hopes that it will inspire you. These will just be short blog entries but will hopefully be a springboard for you to learn more, see more and create more in crochet!

Today’s Crochet Inspiration: Orly Genger

Screen shot 2013 05 01 at 2.30.42 PM Orly Gengers Lobster Rope Crochet + May Crochet Inspiration

I was excited to see that the NY Times picked up a story about the work of crochet artist Orly Genger (who I described in my previous full artist profile of her as the No-Hooks Crochet Artist).

The NY Times says:

“Ms. Genger, 34, has delivered her largest and most labor-intensive work yet, a public sculpture in Madison Square Park called “Red, Yellow and Blue. On view through Sept. 8, it’s made of 1.4 million feet of hand-crocheted lobster-fishing rope, which she has used to create three towering enclosures, each painted a different primary color. Seen from afar, their undulating walls arch up into the trees.”

Here’s the article for the details and lots more photos. Photo credit: Ruth Fremson/The New York Times

I Hope This Inspires You To:

  • Learn more about the crochet rope art of Orly Genger
  • Consider learning how to finger crochet
  • Think about the different materials that you can crochet with, like the lobster rope that Genger has used
  • Explore more large scale crochet art installations
  • Create your own crochet art
  • Share the project with others, since it’s a large art project of widespread interest it’s a great way to let people know about the possibilities of crochet art; you can start by hitting the share buttons on this post and spreading it to social media!

Share in the comments what you think this might inspire you to do!

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Orly Gengers Lobster Rope Crochet + May Crochet Inspiration
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