Crocheting Again After a Brain Injury

by Kathryn on May 14, 2013 · 1 comment

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I’m continuing to work through my own personal transitions but I still have lots of crochet inspiration to share with you this month. Today I’m sharing a snippet of the story of Laurie Roman who had trouble learning to crochet after a brain injury but eventually figured out what the problem was.

Erica Curtis of All Things Healing shared:

“After experiencing a traumatic brain injury, Laurie Roman attempted to relearn crochet through conventional directions. It didn’t work. After much frustration, she discovered the skill was stored not in her conscious memory but someplace deeper in the fabric of her being. Without directions or explicit memory, she began to crochet again.”

The human brain is an amazing thing. I have an endless interest in the way that the brain works and the role that crochet can play in various aspects of healing from trauma. I hope this post inspires you to read Laurie’s story, learn more about muscle memory in the brain/ body, be awed by the healing power of crochet and celebrate your own crochet experience!

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