Crochet for Daily Balance as a Depression Survivor

by Kathryn on May 10, 2013 · 1 comment

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Today’s daily May crochet inspiration is an excerpt from a guest post that I wrote awhile back for Tickle the Sun. I shared:

“Crochet is a craft that I started to do in the midst of my depression. I didn’t know that it would help to save my life, but it did. The calming and repetitive stitches of the craft helped reduce my anxiety, possibly even releasing the natural anti-depressant of serotonin in my body. The ability to visualize, start and complete a project made me feel useful, creative and productive during a period of my life when I otherwise felt entirely worthless and hopeless. I may not be able to get anything else in life right but I could crochet and that was something.

Crochet did save my life but what’s important to me now is that it helps me keep that life stable and calm. Each day, for just a short period of time, I pause from whatever else is going on and I crochet. Honoring this commitment to myself gives me time each day to celebrate my own place on this earth. This time is a form of meditation or prayer for me. The physical experience of stitching brings me into the present moment where it feels like things will be okay. The art of crafting something for myself or someone else confirms that I am useful and my life has purpose. We must have balance in our lives. For many of us, that means we must also have craft.”

This post is part of the May theme of daily crochet inpiration. I hope it inspires you to:

  • Read the whole guest post
  • Get a copy of my book, Crochet Saved My Life, for yourself or a friend in need
  • Explore the ways in which crochet can help you achieve daily balance
  • Make a list of the benefits of crochet that you’ve experienced
  • Take a minute to breathe, crochet a few stitches, relax and engage in good self care

Feeling inspired? Share your feelings in the comments below and share this post with others through social media!

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hi, I just read your snippet about crochet getting you through your depression, and wanted to share a bit of my experience and say well done and thank you for sharing your story

I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2004 though I have had it since 1988, I stopped everything and have been on medication since, but in 2008 I picked up my crochet hook again and have discovered I can just make shapes like horses, cars minions (from dispicable me) and gifts galore for my family

I cant tell you the difference crocheting has done for me, I have stopped thinking about "the bad thing" that plagued my day all day every day, I enjoy completing projects and the delight I have in giving people gifts that I haven't had to spend a fortune on has been amazing, I truly believe if I didn't crochet I wouldn't be here now

it has calmed me down, and I can cope again and have a sense of achievement

sorry I have mumbled on

take care

Julia xxx

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