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Throughout the month of March I asked a variety of different types of crochet-related questions on various sites including Facebook, G+ and Twitter. Life has put me a little bit behind on everything but I’m finally rounding up everyone’s best answers to those Crochet Questions of the Day.

March is National Craft/ Crochet Month. What are some things that you can do to celebrate?

crochet month Crochet Questions of the Day: Best Answers Roundup

I loved that Corina Haun said, “usually all things I crochet are for others, so I will crochet something for me”!

Casey Newman shared, “I love the idea of finishing some UFO’s/WIP’s/PIG’s (unfinished objects/ works-in-progress/ projects-in-grocery-bags). I’ve also been meaning to upload an album of project pictures to Facebook- this is a good excuse to do so.”

And Sabrina Benton said, “I think I celebrate every month by talking about my crafting. For many it is still “uncool” or “weird” but I don’t shy away from letting people know that I crochet. I gift to a wide variety of family and friends and I have not moved into raising money for The American Cancer Society by selling some of my smaller projects.”

See more answers on Facebook; answers on G+. I also asked: “will you crochet for St. Patrick’s Day?” See what people shared on Facebook. And then asked about Easter crochet. There were so many holidays in March!

What did you do for National Crochet Month? Did you do anything for the other March holidays or for Earth Week in April? What is the next crafty holiday you’ll celebrate? Go ahead and share your answers alongside those others on Facebook or G+ or leave them in the comments below!

What does your favorite crochet hook say about you?

DSC 6077 Crochet Questions of the Day: Best Answers Roundup

My new JR Crafter crochet hooks

Facebook crochet responses included:

Julia Quibbler Pheifer: “That I like vintage things. My favorite is a vintage celluloid E hook. A friend from high school gave me her grammy’s hooks when her grammy passed away.”

And Corina Haun: “it says that in case of hooks I prefer to invest in good quality.”

Others said it indicated the type of hook they like (wooden, “not plastic”) or the fact that they crochet a lot and/ or crochet in the same way each time.

What about you? What does your favorite crochet hook say about you? Pop over to Facebook and share those answers.

What are your thoughts on crocheters copying the designs of big brands? What about when big brands copy the designs of small crafters?

counterfeit crochet purses Crochet Questions of the Day: Best Answers Roundup

I was driven to ask this question after researching the work of the community art project called The Counterfeit Crochet Project, which explores some of these issues.

Facebook crochet answers had some great points including:

Kim Sofia: “It would seem that big companies should have all the ideas they need, they have $ to pay people to come up with ideas, so they shouldn’t copy the little independent designer, not without paying. Crocheters, most at least, look to the big companies to help them along, why do you think so many people follow patterns. I don’t create/sell patterns, I sell the item, and would be bent out of shape if some big company started trying to copy my work.”


Courtney Hay: “What about small crafters copying each other’s work? I know that people can get inspiration from others, we all do it. But at what point does it cross the line? I have had another crafter (who lives near me) blatantly steal my design and charge half of what I do.”

Over on G+ Belle Monde added “It’s a little bit of both isn’t it? I think a lot of times designers “borrow” their looks (and sometimes entire collections) from street style, and street style is imitation of expensive designer wear. There’s lots of cross-pollination (a good thing IMO), and I definitely think that crochet is not immune to that in the fashion world.”

What tips or questions do you have about making a crochet skirt?

how to crochet a skirt Crochet Questions of the Day: Best Answers Roundup

In March I did several posts about crochet skirts, including a roundup of 100 crochet skirts, so I wanted to get that topic into our daily discussions as well!

I got some good tips in response, like: Adda Jane Roberts reminding us to “keep an eye on your measurements and gauge!”

And there were also some great questions that I’d love to see some people provide answers for, such as Christine Esparolini asking: “What is the best fiber to use to prevent stretching out of shape? Which fibers move better?”

Got a crochet skirt question or tip? Share it on Facebook or in the comments below.

Hey all crocheters … I want to know – what day is your birthday?

crochet birthday cake Crochet Questions of the Day: Best Answers Roundup

Want to know when your favorite crocheters birthdays are? See if they answered on Facebook. And share your answer there, too, or in the comments below so that I can put together a crochet lovers’ birthday calendar for all of us! Mine was April 13th.

In what ways can crochet be sexy?

crochet pasties Crochet Questions of the Day: Best Answers RoundupCrochet pasties, pattern from Sex on a Stitch

The best of the Facebook answers was:

Brandi Waggoner: “In every way! You just have to be creative to see it!”

What is a home or craft item that you’ve made better by adding crochet?

crochet pouf Crochet Questions of the Day: Best Answers Roundup

People shared on Facebook that they’ve definitely done this. For example, Marinke Slump said, “my ottoman from IKEA.” I can definitely see a standard item like that being made better with personalized crochet.

What yarnbombing or public crochet art project have you participated in? If you haven’t done any, would you like to?

olek crochet piano Crochet Questions of the Day: Best Answers Roundup

There were a lot of great answers on Facebook. My favorite, although it was tough to choose, was: Liz McQueen: “I’m in the middle of the biggest yarn bomb my little town has seen! Over 300 volunteers from my page, Playin’ Hooky Designs, have volunteered to help me make flowers, butterflies, bees, and more to yarn bomb the fence around the local elementary school in memory of my 5 year old daughter who would have gone there this year. We lost her last May and this is the second YB I’ve done in her honor. I’m setting it all up a few days before her 6th birthday and it’s going to be a very emotional day for me. I’ve been so overwhelmed by the love and support I’ve already gotten from the crochet community. They have helped give me strength to get through the past year – day by day.”

In what room would you put a crochet lamp? Tell me about the lamp that you would make.

crochet lampshade Crochet Questions of the Day: Best Answers Roundup

Nobody ended up answering this one on Facebook, which is too bad because I like crochet lamps! Check out 16 great examples of crochet lamps. I did get one answer on G+ though from Let Hernandez who said: “I saw an awesome crochet pattern for a hanging lamp on yesterday and I added it to my crochet board. i think I would hang it in a living room and/or dining room area. It had this really cool ’60′s mod look to it. “

In what ways can crochet be combined with paper in crafting?

crochet heart card Crochet Questions of the Day: Best Answers Roundup

Check out my previous post of 20 Creative Things a Crocheter Can Do With Paper to see my thoughts on this one! Then see what folks suggested on Facebook.

What is the worst injury you’ve ever gotten from a crochet hook?

There were some scary Facebook answers! Like Margaret Aagesen Hughes who said, “My brother, aged 4, managed to poke a tiny one through his eyebrow. He has the scar 60 years on!” And if you really want to freak yourself out, check out this post I did previously on freaky crochet accidents.

What is the most creative thing you’ve seen made in crochet?

Showa Memorial National Park crochet playground Crochet Questions of the Day: Best Answers Roundup

I was really touched by the answers on Facebook for this one, like Katherine ‘Walker’ Haan‘s answer: “I have to say a bunch of grapes. I know that sounds not very creative but it’s one of the most precious crocheted items I have. A friend and former student of mine from Macedonia gave me a bunch of grapes her grandmother crocheted. Just like a link to the past and future all at once.”

Also Mary Jo Anhalt mentioned the coral reef exhibit, which I definitely think is an amazing project worth highlighting!

What craft can you use to make items that look like crochet granny squares but aren’t actually crochet?

crochet granny square blanket Crochet Questions of the Day: Best Answers Roundup

You can see my favorite ideas from last year’s post called It Looks Like a Granny Square …

Then see what people said on Facebook.

What is your current favorite niche crochet technique or stitch?

white crochet scarf broomstick Crochet Questions of the Day: Best Answers Roundup

Facebook responses were varied, which was awesome to see. Lace seems to be popular right now, with Sheriva Scott saying, “I am into lace….making doilies, cowls, scarves and shawls. Dabbing into free form again.” And Debbie Shelmidine mentioning Bruges Lace.

Some rarer options that were mentioned that I think are beautiful were Marinke Slump who said, “overlay crochet all the way!” and Laura Pavy doing work in Bargello crochet.

It was also neat to see that people are exploring the more advanced usage of basic stitches. For example, LeeAnn Wilson answered “slip stitch crochet!” and Lisa Todd said, “Extended single crochet. An easy stitch, but pretty!”

I’d love to hear more about the stitches or techniques you’re loving right now. Come over to Facebook and add your answers alongside those others!

What type of crochet would you have at your wedding?

crochet wedding shoes Crochet Questions of the Day: Best Answers Roundup

I was inspired to ask this question after doing a post on the edgy alternative crochet wedding shoes of Jeffrey Campbell.

I was excited to see that the answers on Facebook included: Maven Theoneandonly saying, “I had a crochet lace floor length dress I wore at my wedding nearly 12 yrs ago.” On G+ Monica McDonald added: “The crochet wedding dresses all done in thread are AMAZING.”

Do you guys enjoy seeing the crochet Question of the Day? Would you like it to return? Do you like these roundups of the responses or would you rather just follow along on social media? Give me your feedback; I want to know!

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