Interview with Kathryn: The March Crochet Questions

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Throughout the month I asked a variety of different types of crochet-related questions on various sites including Facebook, G+ and Twitter. I rounded up all of the best answers in a post on this blog yesterday but what I haven’t shared are my own answers to these same questions. Get to know me better by learning what my responses are to the #crochetquestionoftheday from March.

March is National Craft/ Crochet Month. What are some things that you can do to celebrate?

crochet month Interview with Kathryn: The March Crochet Questions

The truth is that I didn’t do nearly as much crochet as I would have liked to in March. 2013 seems to just be slipping by me. But I continued to do my best to share crochet with the world through blogging and social media and I think that does a good part!

What does your favorite crochet hook say about you?

DSC 6073 Interview with Kathryn: The March Crochet Questions

I find something I like and I stick with it! Although I occasionally try out different hooks and do really love the artistry of lots of different hooks I always go back to the Boyes I started with. The ones shown above are my newest hooks which are Boyes that have a wooden/ ceramic handle around them for more ergonomic grip; they’re from JR Crafter.

What are your thoughts on crocheters copying the designs of big brands? What about when big brands copy the designs of small crafters?

I was driven to ask this question after researching the work of the community art project called The Counterfeit Crochet Project, which explores some of these issues. I think it’s an interesting topic. I used to be really passionate about copyright and intellectual property rules (fun fact: that’s what I studied in law school, although I didn’t finish law school) but over time I’ve felt less and less passionate about the issue. This is not to say that I think people should steal designs, especially large brands copying from small artisans, but I get less worked up about it than I used to. I think individuals should make ethical choices when it comes to the issue. As for The Counterfeit Crochet Project, I think it brings great awareness to the topic and I love seeing what was done with it!

What tips or questions do you have about making a crochet skirt?

This month I did several posts about crochet skirts, including a roundup of 100 crochet skirts, so I wanted to get that topic into our daily discussions as well! I have made lots of crochet dresses for myself but no crochet skirts as of yet so I’ll hold off on my own tips and questions until I actually know what I’m talking about from first hand experience!

Hey all crocheters … I want to know – what day is your birthday?

Mine is April 13th and in 2013 I’ll be turning 33. I’m an Aries by the Western Zodiac and a Monkey in the Chinese calendar and although I don’t abide by those wholeheartedly there are definitely some traits in each that apply to me!

In what ways can crochet be sexy?

The openwork nature of the craft is often sexy in garments. More than this, though, I think sexiness has to do with having confidence and having a style of your own so if you make a unique item and then wear it in a way that is true to you then I think it can definitely be sexy!

What is a home or craft item that you’ve made better by adding crochet?

granny circle crochet Interview with Kathryn: The March Crochet Questions

An old beanbag chair that I upcycled with crochet.

What yarnbombing or public crochet art project have you participated in? If you haven’t done any, would you like to?

something in the water Interview with Kathryn: The March Crochet Questions

I contributed granny squares to the exhibit coming up soon at the LA Craft and Folk Art Museum, which I’m excited to get down there and see if I get the chance. I contributed some plarn work to the eco-art project Something in the Water awhile back. See some of my other crochet and mixed media art projects here.

In what room would you put a crochet lamp? Tell me about the lamp that you would make.

granny stripe crochet lamp Interview with Kathryn: The March Crochet Questions

Check out 16 great examples of crochet lamps I liked!

I actually do really want to make a crochet lamp. It would definitely go in my living room, which currently doesn’t have enough light. There is no built-in overhead lighting in that room and I’ve only got one lamp in there right now so it definitely could use another lamp. I actually have a lampshade from another crafting project that I have been thinking about decorating with granny squares or other crochet motifs that I’ve already got made as a small project. We’ll see.

In what ways can crochet be combined with paper in crafting?

Check out my previous post of 20 Creative Things a Crocheter Can Do With Paper to see my thoughts on this one!

What is the worst injury you’ve ever gotten from a crochet hook?

I’ve never really gotten injured by a crochet hook. Some blisters, a few pokes, but nothing really major. Knock on wood.

What is the most creative thing you’ve seen made in crochet?

hakone forest net open air museum Interview with Kathryn: The March Crochet Questions

Since I love crochet art I have had the opportunity to see many different amazing crochet items that are super creative. If I had to pick one right now, though, I’d probably say it’s the variations on crochet playgrounds that Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam has made over the years.

What craft can you use to make items that look like crochet granny squares but aren’t actually crochet?

You can see my favorite ideas from last year’s post called It Looks Like a Granny Square …

What is your current favorite niche crochet technique or stitch?

broomstick lace crochet Interview with Kathryn: The March Crochet Questions

I’m trying to learn crocodile stitch and actually finding it a little bit difficult to figure out but am really enjoying the process. I’m also really loving broomstick lace crochet right now.

What type of crochet would you have at your wedding?

I was inspired to ask this question after doing a post on the edgy alternative crochet wedding shoes of Jeffrey Campbell. I’ve never really wanted a wedding myself so I haven’t thought about it much in terms of what I would want but I’ve seen many, many amazing wedding crochet items that I think are beautiful and inspiring. I think it’s great to do handmade for a wedding!

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Interview with Kathryn: The March Crochet Questions

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