Crochet Butterflies of Hope to Help Raise MS Awareness

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Patti Dille learned to crochet in order to keep her brain sharp as she battled relapsing-remitting Multiple Scelerosis and then later secondary-progressive MS. Today she shares why she is crocheting butterflies for this year’s MS Walk.

About Patti Dille

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Patti was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS in 1990 and then re-daignosed with secondary-progressive MS about eight years ago. In 2011 she started learning how to crochet because she knew that learning a new skill would help to keep her mind active. She started learning with a friend who also has MS and this developed into a stitching group that continues to meet regularly. Patti shared her crochet health story in the MS Connections newsletter last year.

Patti’s Butterflies of Hope

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Here is Patti’s guest post …

“Crocheting has had a huge impact on making my life better. It has enriched my life by bringing many new friends into my life. It has allowed me to get my message out to others and has given me a feeling of accomplishment.

This year it is my wish to “Spread MS Hope”. Multiple Sclerosis is a challenging disease that takes your body through many changes. As a butterfly goes through its metamorphosis, my body has gone through changes as well. MS for me has affected my vision, numbness in my fingers, and foot drop in my left leg.

A butterfly to me represents a symbol of hope. I decided to express my concept of “Spreading MS Hope” by crocheting butterflies. I presented this idea to my Stitch and Chat crochet group and several members signed on to help me. This project also challenged me with my numb fingers to make butterflies of all sizes, including minis. The tiny butterflies required me to use smaller crochet hooks that I had never tried. Taking me out of my comfort zone and allowing a new challenge. I chose to use the butterflies as a metaphor; they are different colors and sizes to represent how MS varies for each individual.

I will bring these beautiful butterflies to the MS Walk on April 21st, asking others to spread this message of Hope. Donations can be made if any one wishes to receive a butterfly. All of these donations will in turn be given in full to the National MS Society.

Crocheting has allowed me to focus on the positive aspects of my life.

My wings may not take flight like they use to, but my spirit soars.”

Patti’s MS Monsters

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I’m really excited about the new crochet Butterflies of Hope that Patti is making. However, that’s not the only symbolic crochet items she’s made. In her MS Connections newsletter article she also writes about how she started making amigurumi monsters and says about them: “These amigurumi monsters are all different. Their variance in appearance represents how MS is different for each of us. They are not scary, but cute and easy to embrace … I feel we all live with some negative monsters. Mine just happens to be MS … I want others to know that they can master their own MS monster.”

Don’t you just love Patti’s upbeat attitude?!?!

Crochet Saved My Life and Multiple Sclerosis

MS is one of the conditions I wrote about in my book Crochet Saved My Life, which is about the healing benefits of crafting. The book shares Nessa’s true story of coping with MS and the side effect of depression that she experienced by using crochet to get through each new challenge. Buy the book on Amazon.

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