5 Reasons to Try JR Crafter Crochet Hooks

by Kathryn on March 21, 2013 · 5 comments

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JR Crafter makes crochet hook handles that are durable, beautiful and ergonomic. I received a couple of them in the mail recently, so I wanted to share my opinions with you today.

About JR Crafter Crochet Hooks

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They explain:

“We take your average metal crochet hook and turn it into a beautifully handy crochet tool by giving it a nicely contoured handle for lasting comfort along with a screw on cap that turns both pieces into its own, solid case!”

5 Reasons to Try JR Crafter Crochet Hooks

Here are five reasons that these crochet hooks are worth checking out:

  1. The ergonomic design helps your hands. Many people experience hand cramping and hand pain when crocheting. The thickness and ease of grip of the handles helps prevent this.
  2. The crochet case, made of either wood or acrylic, helps protect the hook from damage. This means that you can easily throw JR Crafter crochet hooks into your bag and not worry about them getting bent or otherwise damage.
  3. The case also helps protect everything else in your bag. Your crochet hook won’t snag on anything because it’s there in its own case.
  4. The cases and handles are pretty. There are lots of different crochet hook handles to choose from with this brand. They have gorgeous colors and designs.
  5. You can get the crochet hooks that you like. JR Crafter makes handles and cases for different crochet hooks. Susan Bates hooks are their most common option but they are able to offer Boye hooks and other crochet hooks as well. I appreciate this since I’m a boy girl myself.

DSC 6073 5 Reasons to Try JR Crafter Crochet Hooks

A Few More Crochet Hook Details

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Here are some additional things you may want to know about these crochet hooks:

  • You can easily order them on Etsy.
  • You can choose any hook size from UK 16 – 7 steel / US 1.50 mm to US G/6 4.25mm size.
  • They have tons of color options for their crochet hook cases but you can also request custom colors when you place your order.

It’s their crochet hooks that I’m interested in, of course, but they also offer tatting tools, laying tools, sewing tools and more.

My JR Crafter Crochet Hooks

DSC 6071 5 Reasons to Try JR Crafter Crochet Hooks

I received two different crochet hooks from JR Crafter. The blue one that you see is their Water crochet hook, which is an acrylic handle crochet case in a beautiful blue color. The other one is their Southwest crochet hook, which is one of their wooden crochet hook handles.

A Business with a Story Behind It

One of the reasons that I love shopping from independent artisans and makers is because they each have a story behind their products, a story behind the creation of the business, a story that explains the passion for what they do. Here’s a little bit of the JR Crafter family business story:

“JR Crafter got it’s start when Jack added a new addition to his shop and woodworking repertoire, a lathe. He started turning pieces of beautiful wood and acrylics into delightful gifts and challenging projects. Looking for brownie points, Jack decided to challenge himself to make lovely items that would be useful to his wife of 43 years in all her needle crafting endeavors. Out of that decision came wonderful products you see today.”

Disclosure: JR Crafter is one of my March crochet sponsors. All opinions in this post are my own and are not influenced by sponsorship. Want to be a Crochet Concupiscence blog sponsor? Get your ad today.

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