Crochet Pasties from Sex on a Stitch

by Kathryn on March 8, 2013 · 2 comments

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I was so excited recently to receive the gift of a pair of crochet pasties from Sex on a Stitch. I wasn’t asked to give a review of them or anything; their maker was just being generous. Still, I really think these are fun and wanted to share!

Sex on a Stitch

sex on a stitch1 400x144 Crochet Pasties from Sex on a Stitch

crochet pasties 400x301 Crochet Pasties from Sex on a Stitch

Sex on a Stitch sells crochet pasties as well as crochet tassels. She sells her own designs as well as custom orders. Check out some of the different styles on Etsy.

My New Crochet Pasties

The crochet pasties that you see above and below are the ones that I received. They’re well-stitched yellow crochet pasties embellished with pastel colored jewels and topped off with fabric hearts. Super cute, in my opinion.

close up crochet pasties 400x318 Crochet Pasties from Sex on a Stitch

How to Wear Crochet Pasties

Sex on a Stitch sends the crochet pasties with instructions that make it clear how to use them. Basically you just need to get double-sided fashion tape and put that on the inside to tape the pasties into place.

sex on a stitch 400x282 Crochet Pasties from Sex on a Stitch

Where would I personally wear crochet pasties? That’s a good question. I’ve always been interested in burlesque dance. I took a class once, but didn’t get very far with it and ultimately decided that it wasn’t right for me, at least at that time. (In fairness, I was pretty deep into depression at that point and not much was of interest to me at the time so maybe it’d be worth trying again.) I could see wearing these if I ever did do that again.

More likely, they will end up becoming a part of a costumed event. San Francisco is rich with costumed events. I’m pretty sure that I could go to a costumed event at least once a month where it would be totally appropriate to incorporate this bit of risque crochet. I’ll keep you posted about if and when I do end up wearing them.

How / where would you use these crochet pasties?

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Crochet Pasties from Sex on a Stitch

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Considering I've been married a little while, I know exactly where they would get worn and for whom HA! They are cute :)


“%s Thanks %s for %s pasties! %s0Fz v%sger” was thinking of a different pasty

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