Things are still in transition here. (Learn more.) In the meantime, since I didn’t do link love on the blog over the weekend I thought I’d do a quick roundup of some of the best free crochet patterns that were featured on other crochet blogs recently. The first set are my favorite recent crochet patterns, then there’s a roundup of recent Easter crochet patterns and a set of free crochet tutorials. Enjoy!

Free Crochet Patterns

crochet bow tie

Crochet bow tie pattern from @molliemakes. Adorable!

crochet clock purse

Tea Time Crochet Purse. This free crochet pattern from @crochetkitten is a purse inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Enjoy the idea of crochet clocks? Check out this crochet clock roundup.

crochet alphabet letters

Wow! So generous of @mooglyblog to share free crochet patterns for all of the letters of the alphabet!

crochet cupcake hat pattern

Crochet cupcake hat pattern, a free @repeatcrafterme pattern

crochet scrunchie pattern

Crochet hair scrunchie, free pattern from Linda’s Crafty Corner

floral crochet caster pattern

Floral crochet coaster pattern from @ChelseaNorquay

braided crochet cowl pattern

Braided Crochet Cowl, a free crochet pattern from @CalleighsClips

keyhole closure crochet scarf

Free crochet pattern for keyhole closure scarf by Crafty Begonia

crochet roses shawl

This is the Roses & Lace scarf, a free crochet pattern from the Talking Crochet newsletter. It is worked with a Q hook so it works up quickly.

springtime crochet placemeat

Debi Y. shared this free crochet placemat pattern; she also has one for matching crochet coasters

crochet stripes scarf

Scrapadelic Crochet Scarf Pattern from Crochet in Color, spotted thanks to @tangledhappy

crochet flower pattern

How to Crochet a 6-Petal Flower From The Flower Bed

how to crochet buttons

Cute crochet buttons pattern, free from @crafttuts, written by @winkieflash

crochet afghan patterns

Stitch and Unwind did a nice roundup of 20 free crochet afghan patterns

Free Easter Crochet Patterns

Here are some of the best free Easter crochet patterns people shared on their blogs recently:

crochet easter eggs

Greedy for Colour just made these new crochet easter eggs and reminds us that she offers the free pattern on her site.

crochet easter eggs

There are other options for crochet Easter egg patterns as well, like this one from Delight’s Gems

crochet easter egg

Free Easter crochet pattern for egg ornament or applique from Lacy Crochet. This site is also in the midst of a series of tutorials to create a Lacy Crochet Baby Blanket.

free crochet bunny egg pattern

Yarn Round Hook offers the free crochet pattern (using UK terminology) this bunny egg cozy just in time for Easter.

crochet rabbit pattern

Es Un Mundo Amigurumi shared the free crochet pattern for this rabbit, which you can translate into English using the tools on the site.

crochet bunny patterns

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Bunny, a free amigurumi pattern from The Lazy Hobbyhopper

easter crochet pattern

Easter Egg Treat Bag, a free @petalstopicots crochet pattern

Free Crochet Tutorials

In addition to the great recent free crochet patterns I’ve shared here, there have been some great free crochet tutorials around the web this week:

how to crochet a granny square

Grannie Patches Border Tutorial. How to crochet a granny square border from Cherry Heart, a tutorial written in both UK and US terms.

granny hexagon crochet pattern

How to Crochet a Granny Hexagon. A @petalstopicots tutorial.

crochet granny octagon

How to Crochet a Granny Octagon. From The 8th Gem.

how to crochet motif

How to Crochet the Graphic Granny Motif via @crochettoday

how to crochet cicle

How to Crochet a Circle Using Trebles (UK crochet pattern) via Pink Milk

How to Crochet the Woven Overlay Stitch. A tutorial from @newstitchaday.

sc cord tutorial

How to Crochet a SC Cord. From Sweaterbabe.

crochet tutorial

How to Get Rid of Extra Chains from Foundation Chain. A Maybe Matilda tutorial.

how to hide yarn ends

How to Hide Your Yarn Ends. A good tutorial for a nice option in color-changing for a granny square. Via Lemonde Du Sucrette.


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  1. You’re such a sweetie for including one of my patterns in your post. Thanks so much Kathryn. :)

  2. Elisabeth S. Reply

    Thank you so much for mentioning my patterns! Lots of great pattern here!!

  3. Hi thanks for the couple of mentions…the free patterns a week are really popular.
    Hugs x

  4. Nicola Trumbull Reply

    Thanks for the shout out! This round-up is great, love what I see :)

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