10 Niche Crochet Techniques to Expand Your Skills

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The basic technique of crochet is very easy to learn. What’s really cool about crochet, though, is that there are a lot of advanced techniques that you can try. These advanced techniques provide crafters with a chance to learn new skills as well as to create non-traditional crochet items that vary greatly in style and appearance. It’s fun to play around with the different options to stretch your own crochet abilities and do more with the craft.

Here are ten advanced crochet techniques worth trying if you haven’t yet.

1. Tunisian Crochet

crochet sweater pattern 10 Niche Crochet Techniques to Expand Your Skills

This is a Tunisian crochet sweater pattern from Linda Skuja of Eleven Handmades

In this type of crochet, you use a type of hook that is different from the traditional crochet hook and this allows you to create different techniques that result in different products from traditional crochet. The hook is more like a knitting needle in the sense that it is long and thin and can hold a lot of loops on it at once, as compared to a traditional crochet hook, which holds fewer loops. Many people say that this type of technique combines crochet and knitting. It seems to be really popular right now thanks in part to the release of two new books: Dora Ohrenstein’s The New Tunisian Crochet: Contemporary Designs from Time-Honored Traditions 10 Niche Crochet Techniques to Expand Your Skills and Kim Guzman’s new Tunisian Crochet Stitch Guide 10 Niche Crochet Techniques to Expand Your Skills.

2. Mosaic Crochet

crochet seashells 10 Niche Crochet Techniques to Expand Your Skills

Tapestry crochet seashells by Caroline Routh

One of my personal favorite types of crochet to look at is Mosaic Crochet, which is also known as Tapestry Crochet. In this type of crochet, you work with several different strands of colored yarn at the same time, creating patterns by carrying the yarn over in different places. The result is a cool pattern that can vary in appearance ranging from looking truly like a mosaic picture to producing simple but striking graphic patterns. Rachelle Vasquez is an example of a crochet artist who creates pictures with tapestry crochet.

3. Crocodile Stitch Crochet

crocodile stitch crochet scarf1 10 Niche Crochet Techniques to Expand Your Skills

Rainbow Crocodile Crochet Scarf by lightist

I am actually working on learning this one right now myself. I haven’t quite mastered it. It uses basic crochet stitches but they’re placed in different parts of the foundation row than I’m used to. It’s not as simple as I thought it might be but I love the way it looks so I’m going to get it down! Besides, it’s fun to learn something new.

4. Lace Crochet

broomstick lace scarf 10 Niche Crochet Techniques to Expand Your Skills

There are many, many different types of lace crochet that you can learn to add to your crochet repertoire. Each type is unique in its own way and some types produce more dramatically unique results than others. For example, broomstick lace creates a very unique pattern that results from working your crochet loops around an object (historically a broomstick) to create open areas in the work. Bruges lace, Irish lace and hairpin lace are other examples of lace crochet. Do you have a favorite form of lace crochet?

5. Filet Crochet

filet crochet 10 Niche Crochet Techniques to Expand Your Skills

This is considered by some to be a type of lace crochet because it is based on filet lace but in my opinion it differs a bit in terms of the techniques required and the results produced. In any case, filet crochet is worked using charts instead of written instructions so it’s a great type of unique crochet technique for people to use if they are more visual than wordy in the way that they learn!

6. Crochet Weaving

This technique, also called woven crochet, combines weaving and crochet work. The crochet is worked in a fairly traditional style. Then a needle is used to weave additional yarn through the work to create a unique fabric. If you are interested in creating crochet that has a plaid or tartan look to it then crochet weaving is a type of technique that you might want to try.

7. Crochet Cables

11064220 2 500x316 10 Niche Crochet Techniques to Expand Your SkillsPam’s Comfort Afghan (Cabled Squares)

Cables are frequently used in knitting but are also a technique that can be done in crochet. Very classy in my opinion and something I’d like to learn to do better myself.

8. Wire Crochet

zari crochet necklace 400x407 10 Niche Crochet Techniques to Expand Your Skills

Erasmus line of Zari crochet

As you can probably guess from the name of this technique, this is crochet that is worked using wire instead of yarn. It is a technique that is used for making crochet jewelry. There are many different types of wire crochet. For example, there is a type that comes from India called zari crochet in which zari thread (thread wrapped with metal) is worked using a crochet hook. The result looks like fabric crochet but of course is structured and metallic.

9. Bead Crochet

beaded crochet necklace pattern 400x266 10 Niche Crochet Techniques to Expand Your Skills

Beaded, clasped crochet necklace pattern from Notes From The Something

Another type of crochet technique that is used in jewelry making is bead crochet. In this type of crochet, you add beads to your work as you are crocheting. This requires that you take some steps that you don’t normally take in your crochet work to add the beads to the pieces. In some cases it may affect which yarn or thread you use. In either case, bead crochet provides you with new options for exploring your creative side through crochet.

10.Freeform Crochet

freeform crochet doily 400x533 10 Niche Crochet Techniques to Expand Your SkillsFreeform crochet doily by artist Asimina Chremos

This is a cool type of crochet in which you break all of the rules that are in the other types of crochet. You work different types of stitches and techniques together in whatever way that you see fit. It’s kind of like abstract painting using a hook and yarn instead of a brush and paint. It is often used to create crochet art although it can also be used to make fun wearable crochet items.

The world of crochet is a world of never-ending options for those who want to delve into all of the many different advanced crochet techniques that are available! Tell me what your favorite niche crochet technique is!

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